Monday, November 10, 2008

This and That....

The boys returned from their hunting trip Sunday morning.  They had a GREAT time together. Justin is planning on going ALONE to the deer lease.  He couldn't get over the patience it takes to take a 5 year old hunting.... ha ha ha... that's a taste of the old medicine for him....

Also, Sunday morning my dear friend Julie, and her son Dawson came to visit.  They live in Miles, Texas which is just outside of San Angelo.  They stayed with us for the day and evening.  Dawson had a doctors appointment in San Antonio today.  He is doing wonderful and gaining weight.  It is unreal to see how mobile he is.  He rolls to exactly where he wants to go.  

Bailee was so funny with Awesome Dawson.  She constantly wanted to touch him and love on him.  It was funny to see how she was trying to mother him, even though she is a young'n herself.

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