Thursday, November 6, 2008

Playing Hooky

Well the boys have left for the deer lease for the next three days.  Yes, Brayden is only in Kindergarten and already is playing hooky.  Girl time has officially began for Bailee and I!  I have all these great plans and intentions for the next few days.  Hopefully I can get some things done around here.  That new great camcorder that I just bought is in their hands.  That is a scary thought, especially when I opted not to take the accidental insurance on the thing.  

Back to playing hooky....  Brayden and I were on our way to school this morning and Brayden informs me that he made sure to let his teachers know that he would be playing hooky:

Me: "Oh Brayden, I forgot to write your teacher a note and let her know you wouldn't be there on Friday.  We needed to get your work you will be missing."

Brayden: "She already knows.  I told her I was playing hooky on Friday."

Me: "Oh really?  What did she say?" (dreading the answer).

Brayden: "She just made a funny face.  So I told her that we weren't really playing hooky, we were just going to the deer lease." 

Brayden is an open book, just like his mommy.  He doesn't keep anything to himself.  I have already been informed by his teacher that yes, Brayden has shared family secrets with her, and that no one will ever know what they are..... I cringe when I think of what those secrets may be....  I figure that her still talking to me is a good sign......

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