Thursday, February 26, 2009

No one quite like him.....

This is my dad.  Oh and let me tell you...... there is no one else quite like him.  He is a mess. Yes, he is where I get my personality from......  the following two stories will give you a good idea of just what a mess he is.  Oh and by the way..... he can doze off ANYWHERE.  You don't know he has dozed, until you hear the snoring.......  

About a month ago he had went into the BX (name for the military store on base, he works civil service out at Randolph AFB).  He approached the lady at the electronics counter and asked her if the had any Wii's in..... only called them W2.  He thought it was a W2 instead of a Wii. He insists that the two i's look like 2's.  I guess he is thinking Roman Numerals.... who knows?
Yes, that is right..... he asked the lady if they had any W2's in..... of course the lady didn't know for the life of her what in the heck he was talking about....... oh how I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall.

Needless to say.....  he came home with the Wii.  The other night we decided we would have a bowling tournament.  My mom and dad, Brayden and I.  We bowled..... except my dad aka Papaw.... didn't want to get out of bed to play.  He insisted on laying on the bed and bowling..... (isn't the whole idea of the Wii to get you moving?).  My dad can find a way around that, let me tell you.  Of course he kept getting gutter balls and never hit a pin.... so being the competitive person he is..... he got his butt out of the bed and bowled correctly.  He still got beat by all three of us but at least he got up to do his last couple of turns.

My dad, one in a million, and wouldn't trade him for anything......  

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Dad's Perspective

In the past couple of weeks Bill, Greyson's dad, started a blog.  In it he intimately shares his grief and struggles in dealing with the Greyson's death.  Both Bill and Nicole have shared so candidly, their loss and their grief through their blogs.  

Through my research on Krabbe, I have found many sites that are updated by the mother's of children diagnosed with Krabbe.  I have only been able to find one other father in Australia who journals about his journey.

Please take a minute and check out his blog.  It is a rare glimpse of a man's perspective on loss and life.    

Greyson's Law HB 1795

Today, Nicole came into my classroom with papers in her hand.  She handed them to me and it took everything I had not to crumble into a heap of tears. What she handed me was a copy of the House Bill for Greyson's Law.  I couldn't believe that it was right in front of me in black and white.  

I picture Greyson doing a little dance up in heaven.  Oh, I just know he is so very proud.  Thank you Greyson Morris!  You are changing the world!

We are one GIANT step closer!  Soon all babies born in Texas will be screened for Krabbe Disease!  

Follow this link to view the bill. 

Follow this link to contact the committee members we need to support the bill.  Please include the HB number in your email.  

We need your support!  Please help us save other children!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Times.....

Sage is trying to suck on Brayden's thumb!

This afternoon, the kids and I came home and I started on dinner.  After we ate, we headed outside to play.  I got some great shots of our afternoon.  Thank goodness Bailee has been fever free now for two days after having fever for 6 days straight.  It was anywhere from 100.2-104.3.  I took her in twice to see her pediatricians.  Of course they said it was probably viral and there was nothing they could do.... on the second visit Saturday, they tested her for the flu virus and thankfully it was negative.  Although, the fever is gone.....  the snot is there non-stop.  Poor girl, I lathered her up with Petroleum Jelly all around her nose.  She is raw from always being wiped. Brayden is doing great and continues to be a great big brother to Bailee.  They are so funny to watch.  I did get a letter from the school today regarding GT.  He didn't qualify.  He asked me what the letter in the envelope said with the fancy writing and I told him that he had been tested for a program but that he didn't get in.  He asked me what would he get to do if he would have been in it, and I told him that they would have pulled him once a week for extra work.  He looked at me and jumped up and shouted yes, with his fist in the air.  He said he was so glad he didn't have to do extra work.  Oh, he is so me.  He cracks me up.  

We are good around here.  Lots of baby lambs on the ground with a whole lot more on their way.  So far we have only lost one.  Sage is still with us and is doing just great.  

Daddy continues to be very busy.  His ag mechanics team did win 3rd in their tractor restoration at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.  I continue to be so very proud of him. The other night he came home after being gone for many days, and I started crying.  That is so not me and I don't know where it came from.  It surprised the heck out of us both.  

His teaching partner's father-in-law passed away this past weekend, so Justin is having to oversee the sheep, goats, hogs, and steers.  He is doing the work of two ag teachers this week. He is so exhausted, but keeps on trucking.  Yesterday he gave me a gift certificate for a one hour pedicure and a cut and style with my hairdresser.  I am so excited!  I am ready for mommy time.  Oh how I wish I could kidnap him and take him on a plane to somewhere nice, when all the stock shows are done.  If only.......

Congratulations to NBHS FFA Ag Mechanics Team
3rd Place at 2009 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Tractor Restoration Contest

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For this I am thankful.....

As I laid in bed last night I was pondering my day. I came up with this...... yes, it was a rough day, but things could be so much worse. The misshaps that happened will be memories that I will laugh at. Memories I know will make me smile down the road, are the memories to have.

Yes, things could be so much worse. What about those wives out there in this world that are facing every day without their husbands? Maybe their husbands are off fighting for our country, or worse, maybe their husbands are no longer living. They are doing it all alone, and many are raising children on top of it all. Who am I to complain and whine?

I thought to myself..... yes, it could be so much worse. It isn't and I am blessed. For this, I am thankful.

Disclaimer..... I am human...... there will be times in the future where I get overwhelmed again, I know that..... but for now, I choose to be thankful.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tomorrow is a new day.... Thank you God!

I originally started this blog as a way to vent my frustrations of being married to an ag teacher. My intentions were to hopefully reach out to the wives of other ag teachers.  After thinking about it... I decided that wasn't the route I would take.... it isn't me.  I don't want to be this wife that regularly complains because, I am very proud of Justin and how hard he works, and the difference he has made in the program at the high school.  

Instead, I decided I would blog about being a mother, wife, and teacher, and the joys, triumphs, and frustrations that come with all three.  So tonight.....  I am sharing my frustrations.  

I always realize just how much help Justin is.... when he isn't here.  I am emotionally and physically exhausted.  I know that there are mothers out there that are exceptional.  They can handle it all without any help.  I am here to tell you......  that is not me, and never will be.  I accept that of myself. 

Justin has been staying in San Antonio at a motel the past two nights.  Today is the 6th straight day he hasn't been home.  I don't blame him for staying at a hotel because he is done between 11-12 at night and then back at it at 5 the next morning.  Instead of driving the extra 45-60 minutes, he has been crashing at a hotel, very near the grounds.

Well.....  this morning, I get it all together and we are ready to go, except I still had to get Bailee up and get her dressed.  I like to wait until the last minute to get her up, otherwise she will be screaming and crying wanting me to hold her, as I run around getting things together.  So as I lift her out of bed...... she is burning up.... check her temp and it was 102.5!  I couldn't believe it, she was perfectly fine when I put her to bed last night....  so I load up the kids and drop Brayden off at school.  I took Bailee with me to school and waited for an hour and a half until a sub showed up.  Mind you.....  I am out of days.... so I am being docked.  Later, we picked up Brayden from school and went to Bailee's doctor appointment. While we were in the exam room waiting for an hour for the doctor......  Brayden starts coughing and choking on his drainage.  The next the I knew, Brayden is throwing up all over the exam room as Bailee is crying in my arms.  At one point, I just start laughing.  It was like something out of a movie. The nurse that comes in to clean it up.... starts gagging.... what is she doing in a pediatrician's office, if she gags on vomit.... then again.... who doesn't.  Oh, it gets even better......

We get to our house tonight, a little after 8, after spending time at my parents house.  I undress the kids and they go straight to bed.  As I am preparing bottles to feed Sage.....  our water goes out.  We have no freaking water.  Apparently a water pipe busted...... are you kidding me...... this can't be happening.......  (by the way..... this adorable little lamb Sage, that I blogged about before..... yes, it is getting old.... having to feed her and take care of her too!)

My wonderful father in law is back there right now trying to fix it so that we will have water. What a man!   And my mother in law is taking the morning shift tomorrow and my mother is taking the afternoon shift with Bailee.  I would not be able to do it, without the help of family.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Please help find this lost cat's home.......

I received this in an email from a friend.......  I may be very easily amused, but I found this to be hilarious....  I couldn't stop giggling....   I can just picture it.... Sunset Blvd. and this person trying to catch this lost "cat".  The part where it says it is not very friendly, that it didn't have a collar and that it isn't house trained.....  are you kidding me.....  please tell me you find this humorous too!  I had to share.....  Laughter is the BEST medicine.

Yeah for President's Day!

Tomorrow we get an extra day of sleeping in!  Hallelujah!  Thanks to Presidents Day.  It has been an exhausting weekend and we all need the extra day.  Unfortunately daddy is the one that needs a day off the most, but he won't be getting it.  He is going to be putting in many hours tomorrow.  It is non stop for him these days and to top it off, he is not feeling well at all.  He has a bad cold that has gone to his chest.  We have him doped up so hopefully he can manage.    

Between the stock show yesterday, church and birthday party today, we having been running non stop.  I pride myself in being one that really strives to not over schedule my weekends.  I know that I don't tolerate it well when I do.  I am not cut out for that and it just isn't my personality.  My weeks are crazy enough and the weekends are usually our time to rejuvenate. So..... I am feeling not so rejuvenated tonight.  

I did get a couple of hours last night to myself.... I met a dear friend at Chili's and we both spent our Valentines Day evening with each other while out hubbies were home holding down the forts.  Thank goodness we are both not big on Valentines Day, and we have husbands that are GREAT sports.  We chatted over tea, and chips and hot sauce.  It was so nice to get some me time for just a bit.

Brayden has pink eye horribly.  I think Bailee was so very kind, being that she is such a sharing little girl, and shared her pink eye germs with him.  So we have started the wonderful drops on him too.  Hopefully we will get it cured upon returning to school on Tuesday.    

So those are a few of the not so interesting things happening in the Dunlap household.  It is only 9:00 and I think I am going to go crawl into bed.  Hopefully I get somethings accomplished tomorrow to prepare for the four day week ahead.  Wish me luck.... I honestly always have good intentions.  

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo

Today we spent the day at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.  We had a great time!  Uncle Kyle and Aunt Julie, and Regan were in town because Uncle Kyle was judging the goat show. It was a great day.  Tiring, but great!  

I took the kids around the        grounds and we visited the animal house.  It is an educational type set-up with information about different farm animals and then they had different animals there to interact with.  The kids loved it.  You would think that since Brayden and Regan grow up in that type of atmosphere that it wouldn't be a big deal..... but it was.

I got carried away when I was taking pictures of Brayden with the cow, that I lost Bailee there for a second.  That instant panic is a dreadful feeling.  Keeping up with three kids..... wore me out. Leashes were sounding like a GREAT idea today. 

As I watched the kids run around the animal house, I found myself staring at Bailee wondering.... how in the world is she growing up so fast, and why does it seem so much faster than when Brayden was her age?  She is such a big girl. 

Raising Sage

Our little bottle baby lamb, also known around here as Sage, is doing wonderful.  She is growing like crazy.  It is amazing us how well she is doing.  Brayden got up and fed her every morning before school.  We were amazed!

Each day after school, Brayden goes to get her, and brings her to the front yard.  He spends most of the afternoon playing while Sage follows closely behind.  It is just precious!  

I don't know if she knows her name or not, but she does respond when we call her.  Brayden and Sage are becoming the best buddies.  

Bailee isn't so sure about Sage.  She doesn't understand why she can't suck on Sage's bottles and it makes her angry that I don't let her.  She has fed Sage a couple of time for a couple of seconds.  I think as far as Bailee is concerned, she is the only baby in this household. 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Brothers and Sisters

Today, before all the sheep drama, the kids were outside with daddy. Daddy was busy cleaning out our cars, and Brayden was a great big brother in helping entertain Bailee. He took it upon himself to put her in the swing and swing her. Daddy came in to get me, saying I just had to get a picture of them two. Of course, I jumped at the chance to stop cleaning house and play with my camera. There were some cute shots. Afterwards, I told Bailee, tell Bubba thank you for pushing you.... and she walked up to him to hug him.

Meet Sage, our newest addition!

Today was a great day.  It didn't end up like I had planned and I didn't get done what I thought I would but...... it was all worth it.

It started with the four of us going to church and meeting Grammy there.  The service was great. Afterwards we ran some errands and met Mimi so she could take Brayden along to a birthday party for a student of hers.  Then we headed home for a nice nap... I have grown to love my Sunday naps.  Those of you that know me, know that I love to nap!  

Justin didn't nap long and soon headed to the barn to prepare for the 50-60 baby lambs we are expecting in the next several weeks.  For those of you that weren't aware..... Justin and his dad raise Southdown sheep.  

Although raising sheep takes a lot of time for Justin, this is that time of year that makes it all worth it. Lambing season is my absolute favorite.  Today we had a ewe lamb!  The momma hadn't bagged (a sign she is full of milk and birth is near), so we didn't think she was all that close.  Sure enough, she was.  This little lamb was wandering around with another adult ewe. We went to look for mama, thinking that she may still be in labor with the twin, and might be in trouble.  We found her.  She wasn't doing too well and wouldn't stand.  It looks like we may lose her.  Losing sheep is the hardest part of raising lambs.  Justin of course is pretty used to it and knows it comes with the territory.  I on the other hand, will never get used to it.  

So yes, we now have a bottle baby.  We decided to name her Sage since her mom had a purple ear tag.  Brayden and I were so excited to bottle feed this adorable little ewe lamb.  It immediately went up to Brayden who was sitting on the ground, and started trying to nurse from him.  It was too cute.  

It is taking the bottle so very well.  It is suckling wonderfully.  I don't think Justin is too thrilled with our little endeavor.  I love the fact that we get to expose our children to something like this.  Not many kids get this chance.  I'm not sure though how much I will love this, when I am getting up to bottle feed it in the mornings. 

We did have to have a heart to heart with Brayden.  As I was preparing dinner, Brayden comes in the house with Sage!  I told him that she didn't belong in the house and I was not going to have a sheep in my house.  He couldn't understand it.  He said he was planning on sleeping with Sage in his bed.  Well......  that was NOT happening, so we talked to him about what was allowed and what was not allowed.  

During the last feeding, as Sage finished up, she crawled into my lap and fell asleep.  It was so precious.  The first few days will be touch and go, but so far Sage is doing great!  Here are some pictures of her.  She looks messy because of the stuff.  The brown you see on her is dirt and leaves.  The lambs lay on the ground for a while when just born.  Leaves and dirt end up sticking to them after they dry.  But.... I already asked if we could bathe her, Justin rolled his eyes and said, no and that it would not be good for it and that it produced lanolin and it would be fine.  

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Making the impossible, possible.

I love our bedtime routine with Bailee.  Being that she is 18 months, she still loves to be rocked before being put into her bed.  I sing my heart out as I rock her.  My tune is terrible but she seems to enjoy it.  In her own gibberish, she will ask for me to sing.  I relish this time and know that before too long she will no longer need me to rock her.

Our routine has changed dramatically since 12-12-08.  Every evening since Grey has passed away, I do not rock her the same.  I begin singing and rocking her gently and soon, I find myself staring at her, smelling her and taking her scent in, and running my fingers through her hair that is freshly shampooed.  There is not one evening that I don't find myself thinking of Grey and his family.  I hold on a little longer, I rock a little more.  There is not one evening that I have wished she would go to sleep quickly.  

As I rock her tonight, I again thank Grey for the change in me.  Because of Grey, I am a better mom, and because of Grey I realize the frailty of life and just how precious it is.  

When things happen or don't go right for me, I think of Grey's family.  I think of what they endured during his illness, and what they continue to endure after his death.  I find myself thinking how the things that once upset me, are really not that important and how little those things compare to the magnitude of what his family is going through.  They are survivors.  They are surviving the unbearable.  

It makes me wonder, does God really give you the strength to endure?  They are a living example of the impossible being possible.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chicago Here I Come!

I have been given an amazing opportunity by my school district!  During my Spring break, I am flying to Chicago for three days for a reading conference.  They are paying for everything.  The craziest thing is...... my aunt, Vicki Gibson (although my uncle and her divorced years ago, I still think of her as Aunt Vicki) is one of the presenters!  I am excited to have this opportunity!  I am at a point in my teaching career where I need rejuvenation.  I think this will help do that.  

At the beginning of my teaching career I went to all kinds of workshops.  Of course they were all within driving distance.  But being able to take a day and learn new things always rejuvenated me as a teacher.  For the past 6 years, our district has really cut back on all outside training and workshops.  Where they are getting the money to send about 8-10 of us to Chicago is beyond me. I am just thankful that I get to go!  

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A cute cut, and the darn flu!

I don't really know if that is the case but.......  As you can tell Bailee got a trim.  She desperately needed it.  So Sunday Grammy, Bailee, and I had a girls day.  We went to church, out to eat, and headed into San Antonio for a hair cut.  We love to go to this particular place that specializes in children's cuts.  So as we are there waiting...... for almost two hours.... (next time we will have an appointment), Bailee plays with the toys in the waiting area.  Not only does she play with them she mouths them.  It drives me insane.  This is all new to me, because Brayden never put things in his mouth.

My obsessive compulsiveness kicked in high gear. As soon as she put the Lego in her mouth, I jumped as fast as I could to get it out.  Can you imagine the germs that are on those toys?  I have a hard, hard time letting my kiddos play with toys that are in waiting areas.  I have been known to hold my kids as they cry, because I won't put them down at the doctor's office, to play with their toys.  Poor Brayden knows to not even ask to play with them anymore.  I won't hear of it.  

So...... last night Bailee seems to not be herself.  This morning she seemed okay, so of course she went to the sitter.  I end up getting call at about 1:45.  Bailee was running a temp.  Because there had been another child that had been diagnosed with strep, I assumed she had it also.  I immediately called for an appointment.  We were booked for 2:20.

Well.... we get there.... and she had...... a fever, red throat, leaky gunky eyes, ear infection (this threw me for a loop because she has tubes that were put in this past summer), cough, and sneezing, and wheezing in chest.  Bailee was letting us know that she did not feel well and was not happy to be there.  She was just miserable.  All signs pointed to flu.  So we are on a ton of prescriptions, and I am planning on being up most of the night.   I look up flu on the Internet and guess what the incubation is..... 2 days.... hmmmm..... that would make it Sunday that she was exposed..... if we consider that she started showing symptoms last night...... Ugh!

While she does have a precious hair cut, she also has a horrible case of the flu.  

Who Knew? Update Version..... Please pass it on.