Saturday, February 14, 2009

Raising Sage

Our little bottle baby lamb, also known around here as Sage, is doing wonderful.  She is growing like crazy.  It is amazing us how well she is doing.  Brayden got up and fed her every morning before school.  We were amazed!

Each day after school, Brayden goes to get her, and brings her to the front yard.  He spends most of the afternoon playing while Sage follows closely behind.  It is just precious!  

I don't know if she knows her name or not, but she does respond when we call her.  Brayden and Sage are becoming the best buddies.  

Bailee isn't so sure about Sage.  She doesn't understand why she can't suck on Sage's bottles and it makes her angry that I don't let her.  She has fed Sage a couple of time for a couple of seconds.  I think as far as Bailee is concerned, she is the only baby in this household. 

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