Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tomorrow is a new day.... Thank you God!

I originally started this blog as a way to vent my frustrations of being married to an ag teacher. My intentions were to hopefully reach out to the wives of other ag teachers.  After thinking about it... I decided that wasn't the route I would take.... it isn't me.  I don't want to be this wife that regularly complains because, I am very proud of Justin and how hard he works, and the difference he has made in the program at the high school.  

Instead, I decided I would blog about being a mother, wife, and teacher, and the joys, triumphs, and frustrations that come with all three.  So tonight.....  I am sharing my frustrations.  

I always realize just how much help Justin is.... when he isn't here.  I am emotionally and physically exhausted.  I know that there are mothers out there that are exceptional.  They can handle it all without any help.  I am here to tell you......  that is not me, and never will be.  I accept that of myself. 

Justin has been staying in San Antonio at a motel the past two nights.  Today is the 6th straight day he hasn't been home.  I don't blame him for staying at a hotel because he is done between 11-12 at night and then back at it at 5 the next morning.  Instead of driving the extra 45-60 minutes, he has been crashing at a hotel, very near the grounds.

Well.....  this morning, I get it all together and we are ready to go, except I still had to get Bailee up and get her dressed.  I like to wait until the last minute to get her up, otherwise she will be screaming and crying wanting me to hold her, as I run around getting things together.  So as I lift her out of bed...... she is burning up.... check her temp and it was 102.5!  I couldn't believe it, she was perfectly fine when I put her to bed last night....  so I load up the kids and drop Brayden off at school.  I took Bailee with me to school and waited for an hour and a half until a sub showed up.  Mind you.....  I am out of days.... so I am being docked.  Later, we picked up Brayden from school and went to Bailee's doctor appointment. While we were in the exam room waiting for an hour for the doctor......  Brayden starts coughing and choking on his drainage.  The next the I knew, Brayden is throwing up all over the exam room as Bailee is crying in my arms.  At one point, I just start laughing.  It was like something out of a movie. The nurse that comes in to clean it up.... starts gagging.... what is she doing in a pediatrician's office, if she gags on vomit.... then again.... who doesn't.  Oh, it gets even better......

We get to our house tonight, a little after 8, after spending time at my parents house.  I undress the kids and they go straight to bed.  As I am preparing bottles to feed Sage.....  our water goes out.  We have no freaking water.  Apparently a water pipe busted...... are you kidding me...... this can't be happening.......  (by the way..... this adorable little lamb Sage, that I blogged about before..... yes, it is getting old.... having to feed her and take care of her too!)

My wonderful father in law is back there right now trying to fix it so that we will have water. What a man!   And my mother in law is taking the morning shift tomorrow and my mother is taking the afternoon shift with Bailee.  I would not be able to do it, without the help of family.


Anita said...

{{{Misti}}}} I join you in admitting I dont' want to do this parenting thing alone. I can manage without Kevin, but I don't want to, its' harder, it's more work and more stress and I accept my shortcommings.
Your day sounded fairly awful, I'm so sorry. What was Bailee's diagnosis?
I hope she will be feeling better soon, and that your dh will be home soon too.

Beth said...

ahhh you poor thing...I join you in not wanting to do it alone...I have had my chances then and now...but it is a killer. I hope your babes are feeling better soon! a gagging nurse is no good! lol

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