Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Greyson's Law HB 1795

Today, Nicole came into my classroom with papers in her hand.  She handed them to me and it took everything I had not to crumble into a heap of tears. What she handed me was a copy of the House Bill for Greyson's Law.  I couldn't believe that it was right in front of me in black and white.  

I picture Greyson doing a little dance up in heaven.  Oh, I just know he is so very proud.  Thank you Greyson Morris!  You are changing the world!

We are one GIANT step closer!  Soon all babies born in Texas will be screened for Krabbe Disease!  

Follow this link to view the bill. 

Follow this link to contact the committee members we need to support the bill.  Please include the HB number in your email.  

We need your support!  Please help us save other children!


Beth said...

Awesome News! Thanks for Sharing

Nicole said...

LOVE the picture. I totally stole it.

Texas Mom said...

That's okay.... I probably stole it from you to begin with! ha ha ha

Who Knew? Update Version..... Please pass it on.