Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A cute cut, and the darn flu!

I don't really know if that is the case but.......  As you can tell Bailee got a trim.  She desperately needed it.  So Sunday Grammy, Bailee, and I had a girls day.  We went to church, out to eat, and headed into San Antonio for a hair cut.  We love to go to this particular place that specializes in children's cuts.  So as we are there waiting...... for almost two hours.... (next time we will have an appointment), Bailee plays with the toys in the waiting area.  Not only does she play with them she mouths them.  It drives me insane.  This is all new to me, because Brayden never put things in his mouth.

My obsessive compulsiveness kicked in high gear. As soon as she put the Lego in her mouth, I jumped as fast as I could to get it out.  Can you imagine the germs that are on those toys?  I have a hard, hard time letting my kiddos play with toys that are in waiting areas.  I have been known to hold my kids as they cry, because I won't put them down at the doctor's office, to play with their toys.  Poor Brayden knows to not even ask to play with them anymore.  I won't hear of it.  

So...... last night Bailee seems to not be herself.  This morning she seemed okay, so of course she went to the sitter.  I end up getting call at about 1:45.  Bailee was running a temp.  Because there had been another child that had been diagnosed with strep, I assumed she had it also.  I immediately called for an appointment.  We were booked for 2:20.

Well.... we get there.... and she had...... a fever, red throat, leaky gunky eyes, ear infection (this threw me for a loop because she has tubes that were put in this past summer), cough, and sneezing, and wheezing in chest.  Bailee was letting us know that she did not feel well and was not happy to be there.  She was just miserable.  All signs pointed to flu.  So we are on a ton of prescriptions, and I am planning on being up most of the night.   I look up flu on the Internet and guess what the incubation is..... 2 days.... hmmmm..... that would make it Sunday that she was exposed..... if we consider that she started showing symptoms last night...... Ugh!

While she does have a precious hair cut, she also has a horrible case of the flu.  


Anita said...

Flu is awful!!! Did she have the vaccine? Nick had the flu two years , not back to back, and he was out for an entire week........AWFUL! Now we get vaccines, and pray........a lot.
I hope Bailee doesn't have the real flu.......and wash your hands like crazy and keep Brayden away from
Her haircut is adorable though.

Beth said...

Poor thing... it is such a hard call with the waiting room toys etc... we just got over the flu junk and it wasn't fun! Hope Bailee is feeling better soon!

Shelley said...

Hope she gets better and hope the rest of you don't get sick. Love ya

MaggieBrown said...

Here is a tip for you. We gave our pediatrician the Germy Wormy program and he plays it in the sick room all the time now. I don't worry about the germs as much anymore


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