Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For this I am thankful.....

As I laid in bed last night I was pondering my day. I came up with this...... yes, it was a rough day, but things could be so much worse. The misshaps that happened will be memories that I will laugh at. Memories I know will make me smile down the road, are the memories to have.

Yes, things could be so much worse. What about those wives out there in this world that are facing every day without their husbands? Maybe their husbands are off fighting for our country, or worse, maybe their husbands are no longer living. They are doing it all alone, and many are raising children on top of it all. Who am I to complain and whine?

I thought to myself..... yes, it could be so much worse. It isn't and I am blessed. For this, I am thankful.

Disclaimer..... I am human...... there will be times in the future where I get overwhelmed again, I know that..... but for now, I choose to be thankful.

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