Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yeah for President's Day!

Tomorrow we get an extra day of sleeping in!  Hallelujah!  Thanks to Presidents Day.  It has been an exhausting weekend and we all need the extra day.  Unfortunately daddy is the one that needs a day off the most, but he won't be getting it.  He is going to be putting in many hours tomorrow.  It is non stop for him these days and to top it off, he is not feeling well at all.  He has a bad cold that has gone to his chest.  We have him doped up so hopefully he can manage.    

Between the stock show yesterday, church and birthday party today, we having been running non stop.  I pride myself in being one that really strives to not over schedule my weekends.  I know that I don't tolerate it well when I do.  I am not cut out for that and it just isn't my personality.  My weeks are crazy enough and the weekends are usually our time to rejuvenate. So..... I am feeling not so rejuvenated tonight.  

I did get a couple of hours last night to myself.... I met a dear friend at Chili's and we both spent our Valentines Day evening with each other while out hubbies were home holding down the forts.  Thank goodness we are both not big on Valentines Day, and we have husbands that are GREAT sports.  We chatted over tea, and chips and hot sauce.  It was so nice to get some me time for just a bit.

Brayden has pink eye horribly.  I think Bailee was so very kind, being that she is such a sharing little girl, and shared her pink eye germs with him.  So we have started the wonderful drops on him too.  Hopefully we will get it cured upon returning to school on Tuesday.    

So those are a few of the not so interesting things happening in the Dunlap household.  It is only 9:00 and I think I am going to go crawl into bed.  Hopefully I get somethings accomplished tomorrow to prepare for the four day week ahead.  Wish me luck.... I honestly always have good intentions.  

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Swimming Texas Babies said...

Glad that you have off. Good luck with the pink eye; YUCK!! I'll be thinking of you while I'm at work on Pres. kids, just work!

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