Sunday, January 17, 2010

Grey's Gift Fundraiser Update

Well we are half way through the month...... so far $468.00 worth of Scentsy product has been ordered. My commission is 25%. As of today, that is $117.00 that will be donated to Grey's Gift. Every little bit counts.... but we are a ways from where I was hoping we would be at this point. BUT, I have faith that we will be well pass that amount at the end of this month!

I want to thank all of you who have ordered. I know being right after Christmas, we are all struggling. But it means the world to The Morris' and I, that you are participating. Those of you that are not able to place an order, I ask for your prayers, that the money donated to The Morris' will be plenty to cover the quilt and then more. Every time I check the order history and see a new order placed, my heart skips a beat..... it means that Grey's family is a step closer to being able to wrap themselves up in his clothes and blankets.

Please, please, please spread the word and help us achieve our goal! What is my goal you may ask? I am hoping and praying for at least $300.00. We are almost half way there AND half way through the month..... it WILL happen!

Place your order here below..... thanks!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vote for Greyson's Law on Inspriational Quilt

Please visit the website of the new movie Extraordinary Measures. Click on the Inspirational Quilt tab at top of page. Look for Greyson on page 2 of quilt. Please vote for him by clicking on his square. The story with the most votes receives $10,000 for their charity and publicity.... that is what we need for newborn screening awareness.

My new FAVORITE song.... from a teacher's perspective

This morning I hear about a new song that was something about pants sagging. Being a middle school teacher.... this is one of my pet peeves. I am sooooo tired of seeing students' boxers hanging out for all to see..... some wearing the same ones EVERY day..... I mean come on.... the way the walk with their legs spread far out.... just so their pants don't fall down. I am sure they think we are just "old" folks that don't have any idea of style. I remember thinking that when I was their age. So I finally hear/see the song.... and all day I have been singing it. It is my new favorite. I know many of you have seen it.... but for those who haven't... here you go! Enjoy! Oh and the best part.... he is a Veteran! Go General LARRY Platt!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grey's Gift Fundraiser!

Many times, I have blogged about the Morris family and their son Greyson's legacy. Well.... I was hanging out at their house the other night, and got on the subject of the quilt that they want to have made using Greyson's clothing and blankets. Of course we want it heirloom quality and such.... this is not a cheap item to have made.... soooooo, I asked if they would mind if I donated my Scentsy commission from the month of January for this endeavor. They agreed and were so appreciative! My commission check from Nov. was 700.00 and December's was 500.00! So this is where I need your help...... please please please.... spread the word and share Scentsy with others. You can reach my website here.. or at
You will see Grey's Gift Fundraiser listed on the left of the screen under My Open Parties... click buy from order.... and have fun shopping!

I will let everyone know the on February 9th the total that was raised for Grey's Gift! Spread the word and thank you for helping raise funds for a GREAT cause!

Who Knew? Update Version..... Please pass it on.