Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grey's Gift Fundraiser!

Many times, I have blogged about the Morris family and their son Greyson's legacy. Well.... I was hanging out at their house the other night, and got on the subject of the quilt that they want to have made using Greyson's clothing and blankets. Of course we want it heirloom quality and such.... this is not a cheap item to have made.... soooooo, I asked if they would mind if I donated my Scentsy commission from the month of January for this endeavor. They agreed and were so appreciative! My commission check from Nov. was 700.00 and December's was 500.00! So this is where I need your help...... please please please.... spread the word and share Scentsy with others. You can reach my website here.. or at www.scentsy.com/misti
You will see Grey's Gift Fundraiser listed on the left of the screen under My Open Parties... click buy from order.... and have fun shopping!

I will let everyone know the on February 9th the total that was raised for Grey's Gift! Spread the word and thank you for helping raise funds for a GREAT cause!

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Beth said...

Great idea Misti! I will check it out on my prep today!

Who Knew? Update Version..... Please pass it on.