Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's been a while... a long while...

It has been FOREVER since I have blogged. I lost my domain and it went into vault, and Godaddy wanted 80 bucks to get it out and renew... ummmm... no thanks.

The first two days of summer have been GREAT! We are enjoying every minute. There is so much going on but I love that. We are heading to our local waterpark... Schlitterbahn tomorrow. The kids are so excited.

Brayden ended the school year with a great report card. We are so very proud. We just need to work on his organization. Poor kid... between daddy and I..... he doesn't have a chance at organization. Justin and I promised each other we would get more organized and set a good example.

Bailee is great also. She amazes us with the things she says and does. She is definitely a girl though. The other day while riding in the car...... we hear "Mommy, Bubba is looking out my window." I could have fainted. In my ever so motherly voice.... I said... "Are you kidding me? Get over it!" She hasn't said it again, thank goodness. Then other times she will do something and end it with ha ha. Such as..... look at what I have Bubba, ha ha... it is so very frustrating. She is always trying to one up him. I have tried telling her that ha ha is not nice. She is getting better at not saying it..... we shall see. The difference in a boy and girl just amazes me... Brayden could care less about who looks out his window, if his clothes match, or if his underwear is a certain color.... but Bailee.... she cares.... very much so and lets it be known. Yesterday I was in the kitchen and I realized how quiet it was.... I immediately had that sick feeling in my stomach... it is NEVER quiet in this house... I went to the back porch and asked Brayden if he had seen his sister or knew where she was... he hadn't seen her in a while... I went to search for her and found her asleep on the bathroom rug. It was precious. I had to snap a pic. I woke her up to get her in her bed and she didn't want to move. So... she napped in the bathroom. :)

I did want everyone to know that ordered Scentsy product for Grey's Gift back in January, the quilt that Nicole had made out of Grey's clothing and blankets, will be ready in the next month. I will post pics of it as soon as it comes in. I can't wait for everyone to see the special quilt that they played a part in.

That's all for my updating..... at this point..... time for bed! Got to get up early and head to the waterpark!

Here is sleeping beauty... on the bathroom floor!

Here is a pic of Brayden and his buddy Colton at the 1st grade awards. You are looking at most athletic and most artistic.

Who Knew? Update Version..... Please pass it on.