Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our New Business Venture

About 6 months ago, Justin came up with a new business idea. He is always thinking of business ideas and we had never acted on them. When he came up with this one..... I instantly believed in it and saw the potential. We began getting our ducks lined up and got the ball rolling. We had a website built by Wishbone Media Works and we were soon live on the web.

The name of our business is Loaded Livestock. It is built on the idea, that livestock marketing is catching up to technology. Many auctions are now done online. Buyers can purchase animals while sitting at home, at their computer. Many of these auctions have still photographs of the animals that will be auctioned off. Justin, saw the need for there to be video footage of the animal moving. A still picture does not give a true representation on an animal. Video footage provides that and much more.

So..... that is the story of how Loaded Livestock was developed. It is beginning to take off and Justin has been traveling the area and doing videos. He loves what he is doing and it makes me so happy seeing him be successful. In a couple of weeks, he is heading to Oklahoma to shoot more video.

If you know of anyone needing our services, please send them our way!

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