Monday, September 29, 2008

A Blue Day

This morning was a tough morning! The festivities of the past three days caught up with Brayden. He was a bear this morning. He ended up getting grounded. Believe it or not he still ended the day on blue. I think he saved his grumpiness for me. There was plenty left over from this morning, that is for sure. I picked him up and the first thing he said was he wanted pizza. Well, that wasn't on the tonight's menu. When I let him know that, he cried and cried. Whenever he gets like this, he always says he is having a blue day (there is a book titled The Blue Book or something to that effect, and it is about having a bad day).

Imagine this.... I fed the boy and he immediately became happy. I tell you what, I wish it was that easy for me to change my mood! It is amazing what food will do for that boy.

Bailee on the other hand was just a cheery as ever. It is exctiting to watch her grow. She changes daily it seems. She has started saying more words. She now says kitty and eye. She constantly says dada, and sometimes mama. It is soooo cute! Her and I are going round and round though about her hair. I love putting her hair up in little bows right on the top of her head. She insists on ripping it out of her hair within minutes of my putting it up. After she rips it out, she has this Elvis thing going on in the front...... Oh, having a little girl is so different than a boy. I remember just cutting Brayden's hair short and NEVER having to worry about his hair! A little spit on my hand always did the trick. Not the case with Bailee's crazy hair!

I have learned two very important lessons with having a girl...... #1 Always start shoes early early. Otherwise you will spend too much money for the adorable pink and grey Nike's and she will scream and cry her head off as if you are torturing her, when you try to put them on. She has worn those darn shoes MAYBE twice........ Ughhh! #2 Always start early early with the bows and things...... if you don't she won't keep them in...... I wish I would have known those two things ahead of time...... Oh well, she is destined to be the Tom Boy her mama is!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Comal Country Fair Parade!

Hot, crowded, lots of walking, wrestling a one year old, drinking lots of water, sweating like a crazy person, making memories, following tradition and enjoying every minute.  These all describe our experience this year.  The kids and I met their two best grandmother's in the world and watched the parade.  It was great!  Brayden and Bailee loved it too!  Bailee danced to the sirens and the tunes the bands played.  It was a great time.  I have to say though, every single year at the end of the day, I am exhausted.  This year wasn't any different. 

Mimi, Grammy, and Bailee
Bailee spent most of the time snacking
and playing of course!

Thanks to Mimi's perfect catch, Brayden got a ball from one of the floats!  Thanks Mimi!

We have decided that Bailee won't be receiving an award for sharing.  There was a little girl that sat near us who would come up to Bailee and take some of her Cheerios.  Bailee did not like that one bit.  Every time the little girl came near Bailee or her Cheerios, Bailee shook her head no and would yell.  In the picture you can see the Cheerios on the ground.  This is from Bailee trying to grab the bag from the girl, and they would spill out.  It was too funny!

Of course, the BEST part of the parade was seeing Daddy!  You should have seen Bailee light up when she recognized her Daddy.  It was pretty neat!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Mom, What Does the Middle Finger Mean?"

Yep, that is the question that I got from Brayden this week....  the conversation went something like this:

Brayden: "Mommy what does it mean when you do this?" (holding up his finger of course)

Me: (Trying to keep my eyes on the road and not on the finger in my rearview mirror)  "Ummm Brayden, why do you ask?"

Brayden: "This girl in my class did it.  I told her that it was very disrespectful to God." (my little dancing Deacon...)

Me: (I was very proud of his little God lesson and my heart smiled realizing that things really do sink in...) "Brayden you are right, it is very disrespectful to God and it makes him sad."

Brayden: "Yeah."  (still holding up his finger)

Me: "So put your middle finger down."

Brayden: (giggling and looking up) "Oh, sorry God."

This is just one of the stories Brayden has come home with this week.  He was telling me today that there is this one little boy that says are really bad word.... When I asked him what he says.... he told me "freakin".  I hope and pray it really is the word freakin, and not the other, but I didn't tell him that.....

He has had a little girlfriend the past couple weeks (the same girl he "got" the pear for).  He informed me today that he broke up with her because "she says bad words, like shit....".  I reiterated that we are not to be worrying about having a girlfriend just yet.... but that, that is a good reason to break up with her.... Mind you that is one word I let slip more than I should.  He said he doesn't need a girlfriend anymore....  Gosh he is a MESS!

On the positive side.... Brayden is getting much better at his sight words.  He is doing so great!  We have come a long long way in just a few weeks.  It amazes me how fast kids learn.  He actually knows some of the words instead of going through a long list of words he has heard and through the whole alphabet to sound it out.

Bailee is doing wonderful too!  She is adjusting to being with Mrs. Sherry who has an at-home daycare.  We did this hoping that she won't be sick as frequently.  She is in that stage where she shakes her head to say no, at just about everything you ask her.  She is so funny.  It is so great seeing her personality developing.  She is finally consistently saying Mama, which I love.  For so many months it has been dada.  I am trying to savor this time because I know it will fly by. 

Justin is busy, busy with the Fair going on.  Next week he leaves for the State Fair in Dallas.  We are going to be missing him, heck we already do and he hasn't even left for Dallas!  

Well, I guess that is all for now considering it is midnight!  Until next time......

Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Unlikely Suspect.....

The Suspect: Brayden 
The Crime: Theft
The Story: See below

Does this look like the face of a thief? I didn't think so either.  UNTIL, dinner a week ago....   UNTIL the confession:

It all started on the evening of September 8th.
Brayden and I are chatting about his day over dinner.  Here are his words:

"Mommy, today at lunch my friend forgot her fruit in the line.  She asked the lunch helper if she could get a fruit.  The silly lady brought back a fork.  She didn't hear right.  I told my friend I would get her one.  I went right to the line and grabbed her a pear and ran off.  They didn't even see me."  

I knew the answer to this question but I had high hopes.  I said "Brayden did you ask the lunch ladies for the fruit?"  Immediately Brayden says, "no way, they would have said no."  

(Yes, I am freaking out at this point)  "Brayden that is stealing.  You stole that pear."

Brayden: No I didn't mom, I borrowed it.

Me: Borrowing is when you use something, and then give it back.  Did you give it back to them?

Brayden: No, my friend decided she didn't want it anymore when I got to the table so I had to eat it. 

Me: You are going to take a dollar out of your piggy bank and we are going to go to the cafeteria tomorrow and you are going to explain to them what you did and you will pay for that pear.

Brayden: But then they will know what I did.

Me: What you did was not right and you have to make it right.  Now go get that dollar.

We did go right in there the next morning and he told the lady what he did and gave her the money.  It was so funny because she goes into this whole..... when you touch someone else's good, you get your germs on it.  blah, blah, blah.....

Hopefully, Brayden has learned a hard lesson on what is borrowing and what is not.

Our August in Pictures

The Birthday Girl

Better Late Than Never!

Being on time is not a strength of mine.  I wish it weren't true, but it is.... darn it.  Anyways, we have been busy around here, with school and work and spending time together, and fighting a nasty virus that kicked mine and Brayden's booty.  

Monday we ended up taking Brayden to the ER.  He had been running a 104.3 fever and severe stomach cramping.  They ran blood work, did a CAT scan, and gave him IV fluids.  The scan ended up showing that he was impacted with poo.  The doc said it was a very impressive scan and he had never seen a 5 year old much less than an adult quite that filled....  I told Brayden, "see I always say you are full of poo, and it really is true."  

The wonderful 8 hours we were there were filled with the sound of others puking.  It was quite the scene.  Each time Justin and I would start giggling because we were both gagging and I had my shirt over my nose.  What a mess!

Thank goodness Justin and Bailee have yet to show any signs of the pesky virus.  I pray that, that continues to be the case.  

I hope all is well with everyone!  

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Great Start to a GREAT Year!

Well.... Once again it has been forever and ever and ever, since I have updated everyone on our family.  So much has happened in our lives.....  The greatest and biggest thing being Brayden has started Kindergarten!  He loves school and loves his teacher Ms. Hefner.  He thinks she is just the greatest.  

So far Brayden has been on blue!  Blue means excellent!  I can't believe that I was so concerned about how he was going to do at school.  Of course, we are only on the second week of school.  I have faith in our little man though....   It is so funny because he strives so hard to stay on blue. Either he really doesn't want to get in trouble or he is too scared to be grounded from tv. Hmmm, I wonder which it is....

Bailee is doing wonderful now that her fever is gone.  We didn't even make it 2 weeks in daycare before she got sick and we were called to pick her up.  Luckily her ears were clear (we had tubes put in this Summer) and strep test was negative.....  We got the whole.... it must be a virus...  and we were sent on our way.  We did find out tonight that she will get to go to an in home provider.  I can't wait!  Bailee starts in two weeks.  Sherry Ott is her name....  she even took care of Aunt Shelley years and years ago..... too funny. Hopefully that will curve some of these "viruses" that seem to be constantly thrown our way.

Justin and I are back in the swing of things and are having a great, but extremely busy past few weeks.  We all four get home, eat, bathe, and crash.  Bailee doesn't even hardly cry when we put her to bed, she is so wiped out.  

Well that is all for now..... I will add more soon.   I have a lot of great pictures to share.....

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