Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Unlikely Suspect.....

The Suspect: Brayden 
The Crime: Theft
The Story: See below

Does this look like the face of a thief? I didn't think so either.  UNTIL, dinner a week ago....   UNTIL the confession:

It all started on the evening of September 8th.
Brayden and I are chatting about his day over dinner.  Here are his words:

"Mommy, today at lunch my friend forgot her fruit in the line.  She asked the lunch helper if she could get a fruit.  The silly lady brought back a fork.  She didn't hear right.  I told my friend I would get her one.  I went right to the line and grabbed her a pear and ran off.  They didn't even see me."  

I knew the answer to this question but I had high hopes.  I said "Brayden did you ask the lunch ladies for the fruit?"  Immediately Brayden says, "no way, they would have said no."  

(Yes, I am freaking out at this point)  "Brayden that is stealing.  You stole that pear."

Brayden: No I didn't mom, I borrowed it.

Me: Borrowing is when you use something, and then give it back.  Did you give it back to them?

Brayden: No, my friend decided she didn't want it anymore when I got to the table so I had to eat it. 

Me: You are going to take a dollar out of your piggy bank and we are going to go to the cafeteria tomorrow and you are going to explain to them what you did and you will pay for that pear.

Brayden: But then they will know what I did.

Me: What you did was not right and you have to make it right.  Now go get that dollar.

We did go right in there the next morning and he told the lady what he did and gave her the money.  It was so funny because she goes into this whole..... when you touch someone else's good, you get your germs on it.  blah, blah, blah.....

Hopefully, Brayden has learned a hard lesson on what is borrowing and what is not.

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