Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Comal Country Fair Parade!

Hot, crowded, lots of walking, wrestling a one year old, drinking lots of water, sweating like a crazy person, making memories, following tradition and enjoying every minute.  These all describe our experience this year.  The kids and I met their two best grandmother's in the world and watched the parade.  It was great!  Brayden and Bailee loved it too!  Bailee danced to the sirens and the tunes the bands played.  It was a great time.  I have to say though, every single year at the end of the day, I am exhausted.  This year wasn't any different. 

Mimi, Grammy, and Bailee
Bailee spent most of the time snacking
and playing of course!

Thanks to Mimi's perfect catch, Brayden got a ball from one of the floats!  Thanks Mimi!

We have decided that Bailee won't be receiving an award for sharing.  There was a little girl that sat near us who would come up to Bailee and take some of her Cheerios.  Bailee did not like that one bit.  Every time the little girl came near Bailee or her Cheerios, Bailee shook her head no and would yell.  In the picture you can see the Cheerios on the ground.  This is from Bailee trying to grab the bag from the girl, and they would spill out.  It was too funny!

Of course, the BEST part of the parade was seeing Daddy!  You should have seen Bailee light up when she recognized her Daddy.  It was pretty neat!


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