Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Mom, What Does the Middle Finger Mean?"

Yep, that is the question that I got from Brayden this week....  the conversation went something like this:

Brayden: "Mommy what does it mean when you do this?" (holding up his finger of course)

Me: (Trying to keep my eyes on the road and not on the finger in my rearview mirror)  "Ummm Brayden, why do you ask?"

Brayden: "This girl in my class did it.  I told her that it was very disrespectful to God." (my little dancing Deacon...)

Me: (I was very proud of his little God lesson and my heart smiled realizing that things really do sink in...) "Brayden you are right, it is very disrespectful to God and it makes him sad."

Brayden: "Yeah."  (still holding up his finger)

Me: "So put your middle finger down."

Brayden: (giggling and looking up) "Oh, sorry God."

This is just one of the stories Brayden has come home with this week.  He was telling me today that there is this one little boy that says are really bad word.... When I asked him what he says.... he told me "freakin".  I hope and pray it really is the word freakin, and not the other, but I didn't tell him that.....

He has had a little girlfriend the past couple weeks (the same girl he "got" the pear for).  He informed me today that he broke up with her because "she says bad words, like shit....".  I reiterated that we are not to be worrying about having a girlfriend just yet.... but that, that is a good reason to break up with her.... Mind you that is one word I let slip more than I should.  He said he doesn't need a girlfriend anymore....  Gosh he is a MESS!

On the positive side.... Brayden is getting much better at his sight words.  He is doing so great!  We have come a long long way in just a few weeks.  It amazes me how fast kids learn.  He actually knows some of the words instead of going through a long list of words he has heard and through the whole alphabet to sound it out.

Bailee is doing wonderful too!  She is adjusting to being with Mrs. Sherry who has an at-home daycare.  We did this hoping that she won't be sick as frequently.  She is in that stage where she shakes her head to say no, at just about everything you ask her.  She is so funny.  It is so great seeing her personality developing.  She is finally consistently saying Mama, which I love.  For so many months it has been dada.  I am trying to savor this time because I know it will fly by. 

Justin is busy, busy with the Fair going on.  Next week he leaves for the State Fair in Dallas.  We are going to be missing him, heck we already do and he hasn't even left for Dallas!  

Well, I guess that is all for now considering it is midnight!  Until next time......

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