Monday, September 29, 2008

A Blue Day

This morning was a tough morning! The festivities of the past three days caught up with Brayden. He was a bear this morning. He ended up getting grounded. Believe it or not he still ended the day on blue. I think he saved his grumpiness for me. There was plenty left over from this morning, that is for sure. I picked him up and the first thing he said was he wanted pizza. Well, that wasn't on the tonight's menu. When I let him know that, he cried and cried. Whenever he gets like this, he always says he is having a blue day (there is a book titled The Blue Book or something to that effect, and it is about having a bad day).

Imagine this.... I fed the boy and he immediately became happy. I tell you what, I wish it was that easy for me to change my mood! It is amazing what food will do for that boy.

Bailee on the other hand was just a cheery as ever. It is exctiting to watch her grow. She changes daily it seems. She has started saying more words. She now says kitty and eye. She constantly says dada, and sometimes mama. It is soooo cute! Her and I are going round and round though about her hair. I love putting her hair up in little bows right on the top of her head. She insists on ripping it out of her hair within minutes of my putting it up. After she rips it out, she has this Elvis thing going on in the front...... Oh, having a little girl is so different than a boy. I remember just cutting Brayden's hair short and NEVER having to worry about his hair! A little spit on my hand always did the trick. Not the case with Bailee's crazy hair!

I have learned two very important lessons with having a girl...... #1 Always start shoes early early. Otherwise you will spend too much money for the adorable pink and grey Nike's and she will scream and cry her head off as if you are torturing her, when you try to put them on. She has worn those darn shoes MAYBE twice........ Ughhh! #2 Always start early early with the bows and things...... if you don't she won't keep them in...... I wish I would have known those two things ahead of time...... Oh well, she is destined to be the Tom Boy her mama is!

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