Thursday, October 2, 2008

No Stress!

Another Brayden story.... I know that is all I seem to blog about... but dang he is so funny..... 

It seems like the funniest moments come when we are driving to school in the mornings....  I treasure those 20 minutes because I never know what they are going to bring....

As we were driving the other morning, Brayden was talking about school.  No big stories, we were just chatting.  At the end of the conversation I asked Brayden what color he was going to come home on today, and the conversation continues below:

Brayden: "I am going to be on blue.  But stop putting stress on me because you are going to make me sick again."

Me: "What do you mean I am going to make you sick?"  (totally clueless)

Brayden: "Remember the other day when I was in the hospital and was so sick, well you said (he goes into this high pitched girlie voice) I wonder if we put too much stress on him about getting on blue.  I heard you and daddy talking about that.  So if you keep bugging me and putting stress on me about staying on blue, then I am going to get sick again."

Me: "You were listening?"

Brayden: "Yep!"

Me: Laughing my head off, "You are so crazy.  That is not why you were sick."

I wouldn't have ever dreamed that he was listening, much less remember.  He was so sick.  Well I was totally stressed thinking that because I have been hard on him as far as staying on blue, that maybe I stressed him out, daddy was wondering the same thing.  

He is so sneaky and manipulative!  

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