Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trick or Treat

What a busy Saturday we had!  It was GREAT!  It all began with Brayden's baseball game.  This was his last game of the season.  After the game we went and celebrated at CC's Pizza.  The kids ate pizza and played video games and the parents visited.  

Afterwards, we headed to a friend's house and decked the kids out in their costumes and headed to a Halloween party at the neighborhood community center (The neighborhood is smart, and has their own Halloween celebration before Halloween, that way there isn't any HUGE crowd). It was great and the kids had fun.  Brayden only ran away crying two times.  Yes, Halloween isn't one of his favorites..... at least for the really scary stuff.  Needless to say, we have candy to last for a while.  Bailee was a precious little lamb, and Brayden was Batman.  Thank you Aunt Sue for the costumes, you did GREAT!  Bailee hung out in the stroller and seemed to be taking it all in.  She was in the best mood.  

The kids were pooped at the end of the night.  Bailee slept through me giving her a sponge bath, and changing her into her pajamas.  So much fun can make a little one so tired.  


Shelley said...

What cute pictures! I love Bailee as a lamb.

Melanie Mueller said...

Precious kiddos! I could eat that little lamb up.

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