Friday, October 3, 2008

A Long Overdue Date Night

Justin and I had a long overdue date night tonight. Some friends kept the kids for us and off we were. We ended up going to see the movie FireProof. I can't say enough about this movie. Please when you can, see the movie. It is amazing. Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains) is the main actor in the movie. It is about a marriage that is falling apart and accepting Jesus into your heart and learning what love really is and means and loving your spouse as Christ loves us. I don't remember any movie where I have heard so much sniffling. It was a tear jerker. Some parts of the movie hit a little too close to home. There were a few times where the dreaded ugly cry was creeping up on me. I did my best and held it in... There were a few sitting around us that didn't. That is so hard.... when you are getting into that ugly cry and can't let it out! Ugh!

Some interesting info. on the movie:

*The only professional actor is Kirk Cameron. The rest of the actors are members of a church congregation. (this is obvious in the movie, but the message and storyline outshine this)
*Kirk Cameron donated all his income from the movie to a charity that he started with his wife.
*Kirk Cameron's wife was the stand in as his screen wife in the kissing scene, because he refuses to kiss another woman other than his wife, acting or not.
*The Love Dare book will be out soon!

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