Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who is Pootin?

One more funny story for today....  I PROMISE!

Again we are driving to school this morning.  On the way in I was listening to Fox News on XM (since they are so fair and balanced, ha ha ha, I love FOX NEWS)  Anyways, they were discussing Russia and Putin.  All of a sudden....  see below:

Brayden: "What did they just say that man's name is, Momma?"

Me: "His name is Gladamir Putin."

Brayden: (in total all out laughter) "You mean his name is Mr. Putin?"

Me: (cracking up) "Yep, can you imagine having that name?"  Gladamir Putin used to be the president of Russia, so that would make him President Putin.

Brayden: "What a funny name, Pootin, that poor guy."

Told you it was funny!

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