Monday, October 6, 2008

Jack of all trades...... from baseball to sheep showing!

Our Saturday's are now booked with baseball games.  Brayden is loving it!  He is now doing coaches pitch.  Coach's pitch is quite a bit different than tball.  They have 5 chances to hit the ball and if they don't, they are out.  Brayden has experienced this a few times and as a mom, it is so hard to watch.   If they get the runner on base out, it counts.  Brayden got someone out at 2nd Saturday.  The look on his face was priceless.  

Whenever he is at bat, we are all cheering loudly (he has a lot of family that are always there to watch him play).  He asked me the other day to not cheer for him anymore.  He says it messes up his concentration and the other mommy's aren't doing it.  Obviously he has selective hearing like his daddy.  But being the good mommy, I honor his request (most of the time).

Here are some shots of our little man in action!

Here are some pictures of Brayden showing in Peewee Showmanship.  He has really become quite the little showman.  He is such a trooper!  The sheep got away from him twice!  He caught it and would set it back up.  He got a blue ribbon (everyone did) and a little girl and another little boy were pulled as the top two.  Afterwards, I went up to him to congratulate him on how well he did and you know what that little turkey said..... "mom, I got beat by a girl."  I responded that there are girls out there that show who can kick butt!  Granted, I wasn't one of them, back in the day!


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Shelley said...

I love the baseball pictures. He is such a mess.

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