Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mommy, has this ever happened to you?

Brayden came into my classroom this afternoon with the saddest face. I immediately asked him what was wrong and he said he had the worst day ever. Apparently he was in the library and needed to use the restroom. He went into the restroom and as he was taking care of business he heard girls in the boys bathroom, or so he thought that is where he was. As he finished and was walking out of the bathroom, there were "much older boys" who were laughing because he had gone into the girl's bathroom by accident. The worst part was that these older boys went and told these girls "there is the boy that used the girls bathroom."

Ughhhh, if I could just find those "older" little buttheads and give them a piece of my mind.

Just kidding, kids will be kids. I know that. Besides, I told
Brayden that it was a little funny. He agreed but I think he didn't like being the butt of their joke. It has really bothered him because he has talked about it a couple of times tonight WITH TEARS IN HIS EYES!

Oh the drama of being a child, let me correct that.... Oh, the drama that comes along with
Brayden. My mom always said I was going to get paid back for what I put her through.... boy was she right! But, I am loving every minute of my payback and wouldn't trade my little man emotional or not......

Actually we got home tonight, and he is running a 102 fever AGAIN! It was only three or so weeks ago, maybe a month that we were sent to the ER! I swear if there is any illness within a mile of my kids...... they will get it! It is so frustrating! Thank goodness, Aunt Sue is watching him tomorrow! We would be lost without her support! Besides, no matter how bad he feels, he loves spending time with his Aunt Sue.

Bailee is doing wonderful! Each day she is getting closer and closer to walking. Brayden didn't walk until 14 months, she only has a week or so to meet or beat the Dunlap walking record..... Her crawling has been perfected, finally!

She is getting pickier and pickier when it comes to food and it is driving me nuts! She is also getting into a bad habit of hitting others. She will hit you in the face and then give you this sweet little smile with a head tilt and everything. She knows how to work others at such a young age.... she is taking after her brother in that area!

I have solved the whole problem with her pulling out her bows...... tiny, tiny rubber bands. Well at least they stay in longer than the bows and clips!

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Melanie Mueller said...

Poor Guy! I feel for him. He is so funny though. I hope he feels better soon.
Love y'all!

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