Monday, October 13, 2008

Homework Help

Wow!  It is amazing how much better you feel after a good night's sleep!  I have decided that I absolutely LOVE Children's Tylenol!  I don't know if we could make it through teething without it!  Too bad I couldn't use the Tylenol to make Justin feel better! 
Brayden and I were working on his homework tonight.  He was writing the word cat and had written the letter c twice and kept erasing it.  Being the patient (yeah right!) and helpful person I am, I offered to write the c for Brayden (so we could move on).   Brayden immediately said "yes, please write it, but make sure you don't do it that good so she won't know that I didn't write it."  

Can you believe it.  He is already getting that idea in his head!  YIKES!  I had to giggle as I asked "what did you just say?"  Oh boy, am I going to have my hands full or what!

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Shelley said...

That is the best picture of the 4 of you! What a beautiful family. Love ya!

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