Monday, October 13, 2008

Evaluating Life

On a serious note....  My first principal who believed in me and gave me my first teaching job, buried his oldest son today.  I attended the funeral along with many many others.  During the funeral they showed a slide show while a song about death and dying, and calling out to Jesus played.  It was so very touching.  All I could think about was the deep pain that the parents are going through.  As soon as I got home tonight, I ran straight to my kiddos and smothered them in hugs and kisses.  I held them and breathed in their scent.  I didn't want the moment to end.  I just sat there with them in my arms.  I held them close, not wanting to let them go, ever.  I couldn't even imagine having to bury them.  The thought is enough to drive me insane.  I treasure every single moment with my family.  When I attend a funeral, it always gets me thinking about my life. My blessings.  My faith.

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