Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday!

My poor kids....  I have never been good at the whole birthday party thing.  I am just not a planner and have always waited until the last minute to make plans and get the ball rolling.  

I am happy to say that I am changing my ways.  Brayden decided that he would love to have his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.  I'll have you know, the party is booked and we are ready to roll.  Now, if I can just get out the invitations soon and well before the party, I will be THRILLED!

Brayden loves video games.  I guess since we don't allow video games quite yet, although we are softening up a bit...  he figures he will have his party somewhere he can play video games.  That boy loves video games.  He loves going to the store and looking at all the Wii games.  He is so funny because he will point out all the games that are rated E.  He knows anything else is not an option.  

When we made it home the kids and I played outside.  Brayden said that he loved spending good family time together and that he needed time with nature so he was glad we were outside. Bailee loved swinging and anytime the swing would slow down, she would shake her head no. For quite some time we believed Bailee would end up this mild and meek child.  She was always so quiet and easy going.  Well, it is becoming evident that, that is not the case.  She has sure fooled us.  She "talks and talks" and loves to sing and dance.  

She is officially 15 months and is not walking.....  I have an appointment with the doctor.  She has one foot that turns out a whole lot, it is her right foot actually.  She may need some braces or special shoes to correct this.  She will try and stand by herself constantly but you can see how when she puts weight on her one foot that turns out, she immediately falls down.  We shall see what the doctor says.  

Well, daddy and Brayden are almost home, they went to rent some movies.  I have to go pop some popcorn for our family movie night.  Adios! 

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