Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have many bad habits.  Some are even addictions.  Yes, I am guilty as charged.  This blogging deal..... is running amuck!  I am getting to bed each night too late!  The late nights are not because of my blogging, but because I read other blogs, mainly those of friends, so I can keep up with how everyone is doing.  

Well, lately I have started reading random blogs that are attached to the regular blogs I read.  I don't even know these people!  But, I can't stop reading!  I tell myself I will only be on for 10 minutes longer.  Next thing I know, an hour has passed, then two hours.  

I can see where this is headed and it is not looking good.  Put together my love for reading, and my love of people and what is going on in their lives, and I have a brand spanking new addiction.  Between my blog reading and DH's Fantasy Football, we may be in the market for a second computer.  I guess it could be worse, we could be on the computer looking at porn.

Oh well, at least being a blogaholic is healthier than some of my other habits.

I and so excited! I recently purchased a new camcorder.  I love it!  It has a 30gb hard drive and can take a memory stick.  I have already shot some great footage of the family.  I am trying to learn iMovie on my Mac so I can edit and fine tune the footage.  

I finished my first movie last night.  I was so excited to share it with Grammy.  Well, the whole Windows/Mac difficulties came into play (haven't figured it out) and she wasn't able to open the file I emailed her.  I came up with this brilliant idea that I could post to YouTube and she could view them that way. 

I felt I was really diving in now!  First blogging, then texting, and now YouTube.  I eagerly signed up with YouTube.  I was set to go and uploaded my movie right away.  Grammy got to see it and loved it!  It was of Bailee doing her "spider crawl".  I thought I would put the code on my blog and share it with you..... Well, daddy saw that his daughter was on YouTube and was totally not comfortable with it.  He said to go ahead and leave it, but that it bothered him just a little..... that is all I needed to hear... I immediately deleted the video from YouTube.  If I figure out how to make it to where only certain people can view it, then I will do that.  Any suggestions out there?  If not, I guess it won't be happening.  It kinda made me laugh though.  This is only the beginning as far as daddy and his little girl.  He is going to be super protective.  I think it is great though.  I love seeing that protective daddy in him.  

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