Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lounge Talk, Bumps and Bruises, and My Top Cat

Wow, the buzz going on in the teacher's lounge today was crazy.  As you can imagine, it was centered around the election.  Being that teachers can't discuss politics to students (and shouldn't I might add...) I guess they were dying to talk to someone.   As I would run into the lounge to get coffee, make copies, etc., there was always deep discussion going on.  There wasn't really one side being chosen.... just discussion... based on the results.  It was so interesting.  I giggled every time I walked in there.  I  wish I was organized enough to be able to discuss the latest news with others in the lounge.  I know those teachers have a lot going on, but I think they are a little more organized than I am, which gives them the free time.  That would be a luxury for me at this point.  It seems I am always chasing my tail.  

That is one thing I am going to work on.... being organized.  Heck I have been working on my lack of organization my ENTIRE life.  Can you imagine how much less stressed I would be if I would just get organized?  

Rambling forward.....

As I was rockin' through the day today...... churning out lessons, I got a call on my classroom phone.  I actually was walking into my room after monitoring the halls between classes.... (you have to make yourself visible to these middle schoolers.....) and a student of mine answered my classroom phone!  But, that is besides the point..... it was the nurse from Brayden's school.  He had an accident and hit his forehead.  She said it was pretty bad but that he would be okay.  She thought he would feel better if he talked to momma.  Well, she put him on the phone and immediately he was crying harder.  I told him momma would be over in just a sec.  I got my class covered and headed over there.  As soon as I arrived, he was already calmed down.  He already had a bandage on it, and was holding ice on it.  He looked pretty pathetic.  I assessed his injury and saw that it did look bad, but not too bad.  He seemed to be fine.  Within 10 minutes I was headed back to my school.  The school day ends for the both of us and I never received another call.  

Aunt Sue picked Brayden up today after school, so I headed over to pick him up late this afternoon.  As soon as I saw him, I couldn't believe the goose egg he had that was covered in scrapes.  I sure didn't remember it looking so bad.  It amazed me how ugly it had turned.  I tried to conceal my shock.... I did pretty good.  

He couldn't wait to run up and show me his badge for receiving a TOP CAT award.  If you get the award, you are able to take off your shoes in school, chew bubble gum in class, leave early for lunch, and leave early after school.  It is all based on character traits and behavior!  Needless to say, I was a proud mamma!  I have a Top Cat!  Brayden thinks there may be a bumper sticker coming...... (oh God, I never thought I would be one of "those" moms!) BUT, by God if I get a bumper sticker..... it is going on my car!

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