Monday, November 10, 2008

Bet You Didn't Know....

I had an amazing childhood and was raised a military brat.

Growing up, I moved from Oklahoma to Texas, then Michigan, next Florida, and then back to Texas.

I am extremely sentimental.

I have a fierce phobia of snakes.

I oddly wonder what it feels like to be stung by a scorpion.  Maybe I wouldn't be so scared of them if I knew what it felt like.....  (weird I know)

I fear losing those I love, to death.

I have always had a passion for writing.... can't rhyme though, so poetry is out.....

I have a secret love of photography.

I have several weird addictions…. nothing illegal, but sex isn't one of them (according to my husband…. he was reading as I was blogging).

I loathe running and the whole working out thing….  but love it afterwards...  

I decided the heck with the self-help aisle in the bookstore, years ago.  Spent tons of money before realizing this.....  I have come to be content with who I am.

I knew at the age of 3, I wanted to be a teacher.

The song “You Are My Sunshine”, made me cry when I was very young.  I hated the thought of someone taking someone else’s sunshine.

I am an open book, you know EXACTLY how I feel and will never have to wonder how I feel.

I don’t pretend very well.

I should be a spokesperson for antidepressants, don’t give up until you find the right one for you!

Most of the time my house is decent (varying degrees of decent) just don’t open a drawer or cabinet. 

I will never ever read a book more than once.

I am a very passionate person.

I spent half of my life, worried about what people thought of me.  Now I know all that matters is that I stay true to myself.

My secret dream job is to be a news reporter on a big network.

I dream of meeting Oprah.

I will one day go on to receive my Masters and Doctorate.

I love crawling into a freshly made bed with clean sheets, and a good book.

I would give anything to buy my grandparents old house, and make it look just like it once did when I was a child. 

I have ADD, self diagnosed….

It drives me insane that I am not organized.

I am always running late.

I love the cheese in the can you squirt out.... YUM!  

I hate being lied to.

I married my best friend.

I was the biggest tomboy and could build an awesome fort, I still secretly believe I can build an awesome fort.

I am a computer nerd.  My husband always says, I am a nerd period....

At night, I go into my children's bedroom, just to watch them sleep.  


Shelley said...

Love It!

Beth said...

I just ran across your blog on Mom's Blogs. I love it! I am a teacher too! I love your list! I may copy your idea!

Who Knew? Update Version..... Please pass it on.