Sunday, November 2, 2008

Southern Living Recipe

1 Dodge Truck
2 Kids full of candy
2 Car Seats
3 Tired Adults
2 King Size Pillows

Mix all above ingredients.  Stir well.  Ignore lumps.

Add to the above mixture 5 handfuls of luggage.

Baking Time: 2 1/2 hours

It wasn't too bad considering.... Making memories.  

We got to Aunt Joy's house late and didn't go to bed until almost 1:00 am.  The best part was that Bailee decided she wanted to wake at 5:00 am.  Saturday was an interesting day to say the least.  Thank goodness we had a much better night Saturday.  The restful night was evident on everyone's face.  

We had a great time down South.  It is so wonderful getting to visit with family.  The kids had a great time too!  

Bailee went through her brother's bag and took out all is clothes.  She then proceeded to try them on.  I have to say, my favorite is the picture of her with his underwear on her head. Thank goodness they were clean!

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