Sunday, November 9, 2008

At a loss for words....

There aren't words to describe what I witnessed yesterday.  But, I wanted to share.

Yesterday morning I was driving into town.  I was running late as usual.  A friend was waiting at the gym, and this friend hates when I am late.  Well the car in front of me was going extremely slow.  It was so frustrating!  As I am following closely behind this car, I notice that it is a little elderly man driving.  The next thing I notice is the lone bumper sticker on the car.  It read:

Married for Life
One husband one wife
est. 1951

My first thought was, hmmmmm, is the purpose of the bumper sticker a statement or a proud display of the rare marriages out there?  Then it hit me, wow, that really is a long, long time to be married.  As I was contemplating this..... the blinker of the car was on and it thankfully was going to be out of my way........  the next thing....  stopped me in my tracks.....

I realized he was turning into a nursing home.  I knew he was probably going to visit his wife of 57 years.  Wow, for some reason that was very moving for me.  

In life, we never know what others are dealing with or going through.  People we pass while completing our daily tasks are all dealing with things we will never know about whether it is, a loved one in a nursing home, a marriage falling apart, financial problems, a lost job, news that someone they love is dying, etc.  the list goes on and on.  

I realized that we need to be more aware of what other's are going through.  So many times we focus on our own personal struggles and get lost in the self pity.  Join me today in working on changing this.  It will not be an overnight success but a work in progress.  


lkripp said...

Grat blog, with a great message, Misti. Love it! =)

lkripp said...

Oops, I meant great! Not grat! ooops!

Who Knew? Update Version..... Please pass it on.