Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Christmas Shoes

We were on our way to school this morning.... heater turned up on full blast because we were FREEZING our butts off....  both Brayden and I were pretty quiet.  The only noise in the car came from the radio station that was playing Christmas songs (ALREADY)....  the song The Christmas Shoes came on. If you haven't heard the song, it is about a little boy whose mom is dying and he is trying to buy her some shoes because she wants her to look pretty, just in case she meets Jesus.  Well my sensitive little man starts asking all sorts of questions about the song....  next thing I know I hear this all out wail....  I look back and the flood gates had opened.  Brayden was sobbing and sobbing and sobbing some more.  He could not get himself together.  Instead of dropping him off at parent drop off, we ended up parking and I had to give him some mama love.  He soon settled down and I walked him up to the front of the school....  Who would have thought he would have reacted so.  I hated to leave him like that even if he was fine by the time I left him.  It took everything I had not to keep driving and just spending the day with him. I forget what a deep thinker he is and how he may react in a way I'm not expecting.

Moving on....
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas needs to update their list of providers on their website.  I call this morning to make an appointment with a specialist for Bailee and her foot.  Well I get the number to one of the two doctors listed..... a sweet lady answers the phone and I tell her I needed to make an appointment with Dr. Smith.....  and she says.......  he died in January....  I felt like the biggest idiot, the first words out of my mouth were "Oh great!"  I realized instantly that that wasn't the warmest words I could have said...  I immediately told her I appreciated her help and I was sorry to hear of his passing.....  and promptly hung up the phone.  

Obviously I don't have an appointment yet for her.  I am dreading calling anyone now.... seriously I am concerned about getting in, in a timely manner.  This foot issue seems to hinder her walking.  With her being 15 months now, I am hoping they don't make us wait too long to fit her in.  I will keep you posted on what happens....  Hopefully I can find a great doctor who is alive and well.  

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