Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Boo Boo(s)

Wow, what a weekend!  Let's see..... where to start, where to start.....

I did end up finding The Elf on the Shelf at Rolling Oaks Mall and it was 50% off!  I can't wait until Thanksgiving evening.  It comes in this box and it also includes a GREAT hardback book that explains it to kids from the elf's point of view.  Too cute!

Grammy and I officially took Bailee on her first shopping adventure to the mall.  Bailee was on her best behavior.  We only had one disaster.  She had a diaper blow out and I didn't have any extra clothes with me....  Thank goodness we were at Macy's.  I had a great excuse to buy her a new outfit.  She also had her first official hair cut Saturday.  I spent too much energy on worrying how difficult it was going to be..... guess what, it turned out great!  She loved sitting in the car and "driving".  She has an adorable little bob now and not a stringy mess.  I love to swoop her bangs to the side with a cute bow or clip of some kind.  She finally looks like a little girl~

Saturday evening, my dear friend Julie came into town.  Both of her adorable kiddos where with her.  It was great spending time with them!  I think I had blogged before about her adding on to her house.  She is wanting ideas on what is out there.... so we have been going driving around neighborhoods and looking at open houses.  It is wonderful.  I get to spend time with such a special person and browse through some beautiful homes.  Well......  we found this one home, it had a sign on it that said Model Home.  We pulled right up, parked the car, and went inside.  Julie suggested we knock, I just knew that there was no need to because of all the cars out front.  Obviously they were busy with all the folks checking out the model home.... Yeah right! 

Humor me and picture this for a moment..... I walk right in..... Julie stands behind at the door and ignores my pleas for her to follow.  I walk around the corner and GUESS WHAT!  There is a cute little old lady on the couch, and a fine looking gentleman sitting next to her, and others I hear but can't see.  Of course he immediately gets up and asks if he can help us....  I of course reassure him that we were just looking and browsing model homes and open houses....  Well..... he was the builder of the house and it was his freakin personal home!  It is open to the public Fridays only!  I literally run out of the house past Julie all the while apologizing profusely. I can't tell you how utterly embarrassing it was!  I bet he locks his doors now, and I bet I read signs much more carefully.

While we were out, Aunt Shelly came over to relieve daddy so he could go sit in the deer blind. Well, Regan and Brayden were taking turns hitting golf balls.  Regan ended up swinging and hitting Brayden in the forehead with the club.... OUCH!  He has another NASTY goose egg with a large cut.  It was not a pretty sight.

Tomorrow is Tuesday but is actually our Friday!  I can't wait for that bell to ring, announcing the end of the school day and the beginning of Thanksgiving break!  Woo hoo!  Remember that feeling as a kid..... getting out of school for the holidays.... I feel that exact same thrill as a teacher!  I am giddy!

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Beth said...

Wow what a weekend... I would have peed my pants if model home thing happen to me... Have a great Thanksgiving Break...Ihave workshop tomorrow.. yep that is right...until 3 pm! gag me!

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