Saturday, November 15, 2008

She's a Talker not a Walker

Well, this morning I took Bailee to the doctor for her constantly running nose.....  it is a sinus infection.  I was not prepared though for how Bailee would react.  She cried and cried about everything from the scale to the stethoscope on her.  Brayden had spoiled me....  He never ever cried unless he was getting shots.  The doctors would always comment about how well he behaved at the doctors office.... he was like that ever since he was teeny tiny.  So when Bailee is bawling her eyes out.....  I was not expecting it and the doc commented how most kids at her age react the same way.  We are starting her on an antibiotic and hopefully she will start improving on Tuesday.  Amazingly her ear tubes are still in.  She had them put in this past July. I was under the impression that they fell out soon after being put in.  Our doc said that they are designed now to be in at least a year.  So I was relieved at that....

I did point out that she was still not walking and that I was a little concerned about how much her right foot turned out and that this seemed to really mess with her balance.  He took a look and watched her walk across the room as she was holding my hand, and immediately saw the reason for my concern.  So..... with that being said.....  he is referring us on to a pediatric orthopedist in San Antonio.  He is also referring us to have a therapist come out and work with her.  Hopefully we can get this resolved and our little lady can be on her feet in no time....  In January she has her appointment with her Dr. Patel, her pediatric cardiologist.  It is just a check up to make sure her pulmonary branch stenosis is growing with her.  She is doing so well that I don't anticipate anything but great news at that appointment.....   In her short 15 months.... she has had her share of specialists and procedures.... pediatric cardiologist, pediatric neurologist, pediatric ENT doc, and now a pediatric orthopedics doc.....  can you say,...... lots and lots of medical bills......  oh the fun of those.....  after seeing so many doctors, you would think she wouldn't be bawling her eyes out at having a stethoscope placed on her chest....   And I swear, our insurance company puts EVERYTHING towards our stupid deductible.  It drives me absolutely insane....  Oh well, I guess it could be worse.....  

It is time for me to start getting stuff done around here.  Hope all of you out there are having a wonderful Saturday!  

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