Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Annual Christmas Pictures

Today was the day.  Every year, Aunt Sue takes the kids to get their Christmas pictures taken. It is a tradition that started many years ago with Justin (daddy) and Aunt Shelley when they were little.  It is now Brayden and Bailee she takes for annual pictures (thank you Aunt Sue).  I tell you what, everyone should experience formal picture taking with kids, at some point in their lives.  

It was seeming to go pretty smoothly at first.  We had two or three clicks of the camera and were on a roll, then some people show up to pick up their portraits.  The photographer had to stop and help them.... Next thing I know the phone is ringing and she is on the phone scheduling appointments....  By the time she returned, Bailee had decided she was done with picture taking.  Her temper was beginning to emerge and she was working herself up into a lovely display of fit throwing.  We would stop at times and let her play around and compose herself and then put her back in front of the camera.  The photographer even pulled out the feather duster.  You know that nasty thing that they put in every child's face.  I cringe when I think about it....  I wonder how many snotty noses it has tickled every time I see it.  

Guess what, the feather duster worked....  Even at one point it was me that grabbed it trying to get Bailee to crack a smile.  Ugh!  She is on an antibiotic still so hopefully it will help her fight whatever I may have scattered all over her face.  

Here are some of the pictures.  Check out the one in sepia.  This is after Bailee had thrown one of her fits.  Brayden looks thrilled doesn't he....  memories, memories, memories.  Thanks again Aunt Sue for providing great pictures and memories that will last a lifetime!  


Beth said...

I love the last one... such big smiles on both! We haven't taken pics like that in many a year...I miss it...guess I will wait til grands...

Melanie Mueller said...

Adorable! They turned out really cute!! Not hard when the kids are that precious!

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