Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Marvelous Momma Weed

This conversation happened yesterday.  I wanted to share...

Brayden: (coming through the front door) "Momma, I have something for you.  You are not going to believe what it is."

Me: "Honey, be quiet, your sister is sleeping.  I am in here at the dining room table."

Brayden: (he comes around the corner holding ummmmm... a weed) "This is for you."  He lays it on the dinner table.

Me: "Brayden that is a weed.  Get that off our table and take it outside."

Brayden: "Momma, I got it for you because I knew you would love it."  (the look on hisface made be back track FAST)

Me: "Oh my goodness, I didn't realize that it was pink!  It is the most beautiful weed that I have ever seen.  Because it is so beautiful and it is my favorite color, let's name it mama weed."  

Brayden: "That is the best idea ever, Mama."  

Later, Justin came in and had no idea of the previous conversation.  He tells me how I wouldn't believe just how excited Brayden was to give me the weed he picked to me.  Justin also says.... he hasn't seen Brayden so excited about something like that in a while....  Of course, by this time I am feeling like the biggest, meanest, mommy ever.  

Here is the absolutely marvelous Momma Weed!

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Kelley Holiday said...

Why it *IS* the most lovely weed EVER! Aren't children grand :-)

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