Friday, November 28, 2008

Family Pictures

Today we headed to Landa Park.  My parents, the four of us, Aunt Paula and Hayli, and my brother and his fiance Crissy all dressed up and met there at 11:30.  It was an absolute adventure. First.....  my mom and I were scoping out areas to take the pictures....  I handed her my camera and she began taking shots..... she started walking near the water..... and she FELL!  She hit pretty hard and I saw her head bob against the rocks....  thank God she was okay...  it was such a NASTY fall.  She did pretty good..... her white shirt was still white!  My camera lens didn't fare as well. Mind you.... we had just gotten there, and this was the camera we were going to use....  luckily I had another lens I brought with me, just in case.  Of course a lens can be replaced.... she can't.... Then, Brayden heads up this canyon, and he falls.... The men were good sports but towards the end, they were done and had enough.  

I was able to catch a shot of my parents laughing like crazy.  My brother was making fun of dad and they got to laughing.  It is so them and I am so glad I captured that moment.  The best shots are those candid moments that are not posed and your subjects aren't expecting it.

Here are some of my favorites:

Daddy with his princess.

I love this one... but I could never get daddy to keep his eyes open!

The whole gang!

Yep! He fell..... I told him he was going to...  a mom just knows these things.....

He loves the camera!

My parents.... laughing like crazy.  


Shelley said...

I love the pictures. I didn't know your brother is engaged, did I???

Melanie Mueller said...

Very fun and you got some good shots! Good for you guys for all getting together to do this photo.

Beth said...

Great pics... I love candid shots. I hope your mom is okay!

Lynn said...

Great pictures! If this is your camera, I want to know what it is! It takes awesome pictures. Great to see you today!

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