Monday, March 30, 2009

You did WHAT?

This evening after dinner, baths, etc.  Brayden asked if he could have some ice cream. Chocolate ice cream is his all time favorite.  He gets his love for it, from his daddy.  Well when daddy got the ice cream from the fridge, it was mush.  He brought it to me saying "ummmm.... I think our freezer went out."  All I could think of was all the food that thawed, and what a waste it was going to be to have to throw it all out.  

As I fixed dinner earlier, I remember thinking that the milk didn't seem as cold as it should be. I was busy doing other things and had forgotten to check into why.  Well as we go to investigate..... sure enough the items in the freezer are thawing quickly.  The refrigerator part was cool but not cold. I don't know why, but I glanced at the temperature controls.  Sure enough...... the freezer control was set on 0.  We immediately looked over at Brayden and sure enough, he fessed up.  Apparently he had changed the dial a few days ago, not realizing that it would turn off the freezer.

He came up to me later with a dollar in his hand from his piggy bank, to replace some of the food he ruined.  I kept it for a little while...... but yes, I gave it back.  Lesson learned here...... make sure your child knows that the fun little dials in the frig. can really mess things up when played with.  And yes, Brayden got to have his ice cream still.  He just had to drink it out of a cup.

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Anita said...

AWWW, Misti, what a sweet boy you have there. It's a good life lesson to learn.
I'm really enjoying your frequent blog posting.
Hope the first day after spring break wasn't too tough.

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