Friday, March 13, 2009

A Leave of Absence

Gosh, it has been a long time since I have blogged.  No good reason, 
except that I just haven't taken the time to.  Daddy is home and we are enjoying that. Next week is the Star of Texas Stock Show and Rodeo in Austin.  This past week, Justin spent most of it in Houston.  He only took a couple of sheep and one placed 10th.  Not too shabby.  God knows how many shows I hauled sheep to and was 88 and out the gate in NO time.  Oh boy.....  those were good times though!

I do have to brag though....... Brayden and Bailee's Godparents....  Kyle and Julie Smithwick Smithwick raise sheep.  In a medium weight class in Houston, he had raised 1st-5th place..... craziness.  It just goes to show.... how good his sheep are.  I am so happy for both Kyle and Julie, they put so much into it and deserve it.  
In regards to our sheep, we now have three bottle babies.  I can promise that I will NOT have the urge for another baby.  This bottle feeding, reminds me of having a newborn!  The other day, I came very close to not feeding Sage anymore.  I went out to feed her and bent over to get something and she came up and rammed me head against head.  If you have ever watched a lamb nurse, they butt the udder with their heads as they suck to stimulate the release of milk.  I guess I was taking too long in feeding her.  Needless to say, I was not happy.  This week has been cold and wet.  I am so thankful for the rain.  We desperately need it.  I could do without the cold though.  It has been tough on the herd.  We have lost quite a few babies this week.  That is part of it though, but I don't have to like it.

Last weekend we were at a wedding.  I took some great shots of the kids dancing together. Also, on March 6th, Brayden had his Kindergarten rodeo.  Daddy and I both were able to make it for different parts.  

I am ready for a relaxing weekend!  One more week and then Spring Break!  I envy those that are on theirs right now!  I feel the beginnings of the same excitement as a student in school. remember that....  the few days before a holiday....  oh yes... those were the good ol' days!  You were so excited to have the time off from school, but you wondered what you were going to do during the break.  I knew I would have the DREADED list.  The list was written by mom. It consisted of chores that had to be done that day BEFORE she got home.  Even as I child I procrastinated.... the clock would strike 4:00 and I would scurry around the house completing the list in an hour without a minute to spare.  Some things never change!  Up until recently, I stopped making myself a list before starting to clean the house.  I had always thought that the list had to be your guide when you cleaned house.... I now know better.

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jfritsch.naae said...

Love your blog. I'm an ag teacher's wife too -- in Kentucky. You're right, I think ag teacher is a fancy word for "never at home." Just wanted to say keep up the good work! Being an ag teacher's wife should be its own full-time job.

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