Friday, March 20, 2009

This is a doozy!

Justin has been in Austin most of the week.  He hasn't been home so as usual I am trying to hold down the fort.  

Today I get an email from another teacher who is going to Chicago also. Her email read something to this effect.......  I can't believe our trip is here!  Can you believe we will be heading to Chicago Sunday!  What time should we meet at the airport Sunday morning?

Being that I had it in my mind and on EVERY calendar you can think of, that we were flying out Monday morning, I giggled to myself that this teacher was so excited and in her excitement, she meant Monday.  I kindly replied, that I was excited also, but that she better not be there Sunday morning because the rest of us wouldn't be there until Monday morning.  

Well guess what...... she was not the one that had the days wrong....... yep you guessed it.....  I am freaking leaving SUNDAY morning and NOT MONDAY!  You could say panic began to sink in about that time..... if she hadn't have emailed me....  I would have missed the plane!  How would I explain that one?

I have a HUGE to do list and no time to do it in......  the second problem I have.....  Brayden has a baseball game at 9:00 Saturday morning, and right after the game, I am traveling to South Texas to be in a wedding at 5:30.  My mom and I, are taking the 2 1/2 hour drive plus another half hour with kids....  Sooooo, my laundry is piled to the ceiling, my house is a mess, and there isn't ANYTHING in our pantry.  I had planned on doing wash, straightening up the house, and going grocery shopping on Sunday. None of that is going to get done.  Except maybe washing things that absolutely have to be washed......  so I can have clothes for my trip.  

I am beside myself.   I am flustered.  I am waiting for the washing machine to HURRY UP!   I AM SO TIRED!  

I am NOT the most organized person, I know and admit it.  But dang, my life would be so much easier if I was.  So..... my question is this...... what things do you do, that helps keep you organized?  Please give me some tips.....  I am desperate and ready to try ANYTHING!  


Melanie Mueller said...

Oh Misti! That is too funny!! So glad you figured it out before it was too late. Hope you have a great trip! Love ya!

Beth said...

Oh stressful! Let some of it just go... meaning the cleaning etc...I am sure it will wait for About 5 years ago we were going to WDW. My oldest was in college, living on campus but close to home. She called the night before and was asking me questions... at the end she says... well see you on Wednesday...(two days from then... we were leaving the next day..she was going along) I chuckled and said "you mean tomorrow" She says "what we are leaving tomorrow?" She freaked out and started packing.. She ended up just washing all her clothes in Florida! Have fun on your trip!

Anita said...

{{{Misti}}}} sending you hugs girl! I agree with others, let the stuff go that will be there when you return.
I live by my calendar, and I keep everything on ONE calendar. My husband jokes that if it's not on momma's planner, it's not happening.
Have a wonderful trip!!

Swimming Texas Babies said...

best of luck and I hope your trip goes well. I keep two calendars: one on my phone b/c it sends me reminders right before the event and one on my day planner so that I can see the entire month at a time. I also keep my to-do lists, grocery lists, etc... in my phone so that when I think of something I need from HEB, CVS, Home Depot, I just open up that memo and add to it. It seems to help out in our house. Best of luck!

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