Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to Reality... and questions about faith....

Tomorrow, we begin again with our normal routine.  We have all enjoyed the break.  It has been long overdue and it has given us the rejuvenation that we have so desperately needed.  I am excited to get back into the classroom and utilize some of the great information I learned while in Chicago.  

This morning we headed to church.  Because we aren't the best on attendance, we didn't know that the service had started at 10:00 in stead of the usual 10:45.  It was a special service celebrating Grace Memorial's 9th anniversary.  We ended up going to Oakwood.  It was divine intervention.  The service was wonderful.  Every time I have been to a service at Oakwood I have cried.  The sermons always touch me so deeply.  Today was a sermon that I needed to hear. 

Lately I have been thinking about my faith.  The idea of a drive through Jesus came to mind. Throughout my life, that is how I have treated my faith.  As in a drive through, I go through, order what I need while hoping the order is right, and go about my merry way.  I can always have a sit down dinner but often times I am in a hurry and want something quick.  

I am not proud to say.... that is how my relationship with Jesus has become.  When I am in need of something.... because of worry or what have you.... I quickly have a talk with Jesus.  For example..... on the plane ride to and from Chicago.... I was doing some serious praying.... because I was fearful and anxious.  

I am so immature in my faith.  But, how does mature faith come?  What is mature faith and how do you know if you have it?  I have always envied those with steadfast faith.  I have witnessed others go through such tragic times.  Their faith is what kept them going.  It has always intrigued me.

Recently I was talking to a friend about faith and how I hated that I always question things.  I always wonder..... if it is this way then why.... or if God cared then why...... or how could God really do.....  you name it.  I have always been a questioner, whether I question my faith or authority.  This friend has a strong faith and like me, is a very spiritual person. She admitted that she too questions things.  This of course made me feel better.

My goal is to work on strengthening my faith and my relationship with the Lord.  I hope to develop a faith that will be an example for my children.  My husband has an amazing faith.  I love and admire that about him.  Maybe I need to start taking lessons from him.    

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Anita said...

Hey Misti, I believe that all faith is a journey. I'm Catholic and a convert at that, and while it's always a joke that we don't study the bible, we indeed do! I became in involved with a wonderful group of women last fall, we started out as a Mom's in Touch group, praying for our school and our kids etc. Then we decided to study the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but some of us(me me, waving wildly) felt that our minimal knowledge of the Bible was slowing us down, so now we are doing a structured Bible study, entitled.....Introduction to the's great.
I wish you luck on your journey.

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