Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Legally Driving Now....

Today I was able to get two MAJOR, long overdue things accomplished. I renewed my driver's license at our local DPS office. I was amazed at how far technologically they have come. Driving tests are now computerized! At one time there were the traditional desks there and in their place, are computer screens. I found it amusing though..... they are only set up to take cash or check, no debit cards. Are you kidding me? How many people, still carry their checkbooks? I use my debit card, always. I leave the checkbook at home. I rarely use it. Oh, and to top it off, they said it would take 2-6 weeks for my new license to come in. Can't they speed that process up. As long as I have been driving it has been the same turn around time. My bloggy friend Anita said that Florida gives you your new one on the spot. Come on Texas!

Then after school, I ran over the the county offices to renew my vehicle registration. My tags have been expired since SEPTEMBER! The clerk couldn't believe I hadn't gotten a ticket.

So needless to say, I don't have to cringe, every time I see a police car anywhere near me. I was driving with an expired license AND tags. How do you explain that one. It feels great to feel legal again.

Now I just have eight more big things on my list to do before I leave for Chicago!


Anita said...

Misti......I was about to go to bed, checked my blogroll and saw your new post. I laughingly told my husband all about it and was laughing more when you posted about the tags too!! I'm so glad you got it all done and you're not at risk of a big ol' ticket...LOL.

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

Bill said...

Girl! I feel you! I have been at least 2 months late the past 2 years. The Poe-Poe got this year though!

Beth said...

Yikes... The year I was PG with Lydia I happen to look at my license and it had expired... I had to not only take my drivers test (on the road) I had to take my permit test over... I was 8 months preggers and had to sit in the line in my car for 3 hours...and it was HOT! I am glad you got it all done! In Mn we get our license in about a week or so! Thanks for the comment on my blog.. I am so sad...but need to keep a move on!

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