Thursday, March 26, 2009

Copyrighted Material?

I recently blogged about my starting photography on the side.  So far, it has been a great experience.  This is new to me and I am enjoying every minute.  

This evening I had ordered some photographs online so I could put together a portfolio.  This past weekend I had gone to South Texas to a cousin's wedding.  I was able to get some good shots.  Mind you.... I took almost 150, and ended up with a few good ones.  

My goal is to have this portfolio to show potential photography prospects my work. When I went up to the counter to pick up the photos, I gave the girl my name.  She stopped for a minute and asked if the photos I was picking up were copyrighted material.  She then went and grabbed them (there on the receipt was the word copyrighted?) She said again..... these are professional photos and we are concerned that they may be copyrighted materials (at this point she was giving me this look.... as if I was trying to cheat someone out of money by making illegal copies).  I immediately told her that no these photos are in fact mine.  She opened them and started going through them again....  by this time I am thinking..... lady, I better be leaving here with MY photos.... I start panicking and naming all the individuals in the shots.  She said because of the editing done and the positioning of the subjects, they appear to be professional photos.  I kindly told the lady that she had made by night but that I am in fact just starting out and I had printed these to put together a portfolio.  She handed me my photos and said that I may want to put a watermark on them so that they are protected.  Can you imagine the photos she sees a day?  This was a GOOD thing.... me being accused of printing off copyrighted material......  

Let me tell you.....  I walked out of there with the BIGGEST smile....  are my photos of professional quality?  No way.... I am not there yet....  but it is a pretty good start, I think.  

I am scheduled to shoot a wedding in May for a friend from way back.  I am so excited and nervous at the same time.  Wish me luck!  

Here are some of the shots from the wedding.  I can't wait to finish editing them and get them printed!  


Beth said...

Very nice! You should be proud and excited! Some people just have an eye for photography!

Anita said...

First Misti, the shots you shared are VERY nice, the do indeed look professional. What an offhanded compliment, I'd have also been freaking about someone trying to hold onto my photos! Have you considered using an online source? I use the Kodak website, but I know there are tons our there.
I hope you keep sharing your work, I enjoyed seeing these few!
Good luck.

Brandi said...

Those pictures look great!! Shanna and I will have to give you a call and take some pictures of the girls for Mother's Day!:)

Shelley said...

Great pictures! How fun! I want to help when you start needing help!!!

Lynn said...

You go girl! I still want to do Hannah. Or maybe all 3 for Easter??

Brad said...

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Best of luck with everything!

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