Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Love of Humanity.

Our capacity of love, is amazing. As human beings, we band together and support each other when it is needed. While I wish tough times would not fall on any of us..... they do. It is the support and love of others though, that will see us through.

Through Greyson's death, I continue to be amazed at the out pouring of love from all, including complete strangers. The fundraiser yesterday was another reminder of how many people Grey continues to touch. It was a huge success! It was amazing to see the amount of people there. It was awesome! When I think about all the people that pulled together to pull of this fundraiser..... my heart smiles.

There was a woman from San Antonio there with her two kids. She is a follower of Nicole's blog. To know, that she felt compelled to be there, is incredible. During the event, I found myself taking a step back and watching the crowd. There weren't words to describe the feelings I had.

I know the word is spreading, I know we will improve newborn screening here in Texas. I had proof of that yesterday. After the fundraiser, Brayden's friend Riley, who is also one of Grey's older brother's, came home with us. I needed to run to Kohls to get a picture frame, needless to say.... the two boys were not thrilled at all, and both made sure to let me know that they did not like Kohls.

As we were in line to check out, they started talking to a lady waiting behind us. They went on and on about how they are in the same class, and that they were spending the night together and were so excited about it. Out of nowhere, Riley says, I lost my brother, but he is in a better place. Tears immediately came to my eyes. You can only imagine the look on her face also. I turned to her, and briefly said...... (the lobbyist was coming out in me) yes, he did, Grey was 11 months old and died of Krabbe Disease. Can you believe..... it could have been screened for and very likely treated, but Texas does not screen for it! The lady's face immediately lit up and she said..... Oh, my goodness, I heard about his family, and saw them on the news! That is horrible, and we have to change screening here in Texas!

There you have it....... proof our message is spreading......

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Beth said...

Every time I read about Greyson I tear up...but then I smile knowing that his death will not be in vain! Thanks for keeping this in the forefront! God Bless

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