Thursday, January 22, 2009

Calgon take me away!

What a night.... Many of you are parents, so I am sure you can relate.... but I am so frustrated and upset right now I could SCREAM!

It all started with a new pair of shoes. I bought Brayden some new tennis shoes today, thinking I would surprise him. Well...... he tried them on and immediately said they didn't fit. He couldn't decide whether they were too big or too small. Mind you, they seemed to fit perfectly. I just don't think he had the heart to tell me he didn't care for the ones I picked out.

So I decided we would run in real quick and exchange them. Bailee was in my arms.... and boy is she heavy. So we trudged in to the store. As we get to the shoe department I go to the original shoes..... Brayden on the other hand, was browsing the other styles. Call me a bit conservative, but I am very picky in what shoes he wears. Brayden so badly wants the skater type shoes because they are "cool". Daddy and I don't care for them (sorry if you do) and we choose to not allow him to wear that style. Well....... he had in mind that he had to get these high top Nike's that were black, yellow, and white. They were basketball shoes. Not only were they ugly (so I thought) but they were $50.00. The original shoes I had purchased were $20.00 cheaper. Besides, I am paying for them.... I have a right to approve, right?

Well, as soon as I inform him those were off limits and he could choose one of these (as I held up THREE different pairs of Nike's), he continued to be defiant. Well..... he didn't see things my way and before I knew it we were in an all out battle. My son became someone I didn't know...... he began REFUSING to put the shoes up, held on to them with white knuckles, and begins crying, and at times was making this horrible grunting and growling sound.

I am holding Bailee who at this point is getting upset because she hates it when her brother cries. There was nothing I could do to get my son to put the shoes back, much less out of the shoe department. I decide to start for the front of the store, I get all the way there and turn around and he is in the middle of the aisle with the box of shoes. He is continuing to refuse to put down the shoes. (I am wondering at this point, what I can get away with, without having CPS called on me). There was no forcing him to put down the shoes. I told him that if he continued to walk out of the store with them, it was stealing, because there was no way he was getting those shoes or any others with the way he was acting. I threaten to call his Grammy to let her know how he is acting and he throws down the shoes and says fine (very loudly). I probably should have left then, but I was not going to make someone else put back the shoes because my son was throwing a fit. We get back to the shoe department to put the shoes on the shelf and BINGO we are back to square one. In hind sight, we should have left the shoes where he threw them down.

I literally looked around the store, praying I would see someone I knew that could hold Bailee while I either took Brayden to the restroom to solve this, or so I could drag his butt to the car. No one was around. Next thing I hear is, "Are we having problems here?"..... I turn around and see my sister in law, Aunt Shelley! I think she could see the frustration on my face and knew it wasn't a good situation. She took Brayden to the side, as I left for a second time to the front of the store, with Bailee in tow. Within seconds she comes walking up with Brayden who is still crying, but he doesn't have the shoes with him at this point.... THANK GOODNESS!

I let him have it while we drove home. I don't think I have ever been so upset with my son. I can promise you this..... he won't be getting any new shoes for quite a while.

While I love my little man with all my heart....... I could wring his neck sometimes! This was so out of character for him. I do have to admit though, we have been having a heck of a time since he has turned 6, with his attitude. I just don't know what to do about it. It worries me to see such a change in him. I think after we both have a good night's sleep, things will be better in the morning.

I owe a HUGE thank you to Aunt Shelley for diffusing the situation. I am sure the store clerks thank you also, and I can assure you Brayden would thank you if he would have known what was in store for him. I seriously thought, that we would be in there until it closed.

Of course, this would all happen when daddy is out of town! Well, my dear friend Julie sent me a basket full of all these relaxation goodies. I am going to go put them to good use! Adios!


Beth said...

hugs to you for staying firm.. parenting is soooo very hard. Is Brayden a 1st grader or Ker? My daycare lady once said that once they venture off to school we lose a piece of them...good and bad! Hang in there

Shelley said...

He was not going to budge for you. I hate seeing him like that. Love you!

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

You know why he wanted skater shoes, right? For the same reason that Riley wanted boots. Because his best friend wears them. Riley's skater shoes are brown and yellow with skulls on them. They're actually pretty cute when their that small. Ha ha. Love you.

Texas Mom said...


I bet you are right..... I never even thought about that.

Anita said...

Misti, you did a great thing,it's hard to be the parent and stay firm in your choices.
I hope your next shopping experience with Brayden is better.

Swimming Texas Babies said...

Wow, I don't even want to think when that day comes!! I thought it was bad to have to leave gymnastics early!

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