Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little bit of everything

Last week on top of my heart happenings, Bailee had her checkup with her cardiologist.  We received wonderful news and do not have to go back for a WHOLE year!  Woo hoo!  The appointment was very interesting to say the least.  Let's just suffice it to say..... they were thankful that Bailee was their last appointment for the day.  My precious angel was on a roll. She screamed bloody murder the entire time.  You would have thought they were pricking her with 1,000 needles.  Of course her blood pressure was up, along with her heart rate, and getting a good EKG was near impossible.  But it is over and done with, and we won't see them for another year!  

I recently found an SD card for my camera.  It had some pictures on it from May 2008.  I look at the pictures and can't believe how time has flown by.  Here are some of my favorites.

Brayden got his report card, and is doing great.  We still need to work on his handwriting.... he is such a boy.  

On the way to school this morning he informs me that he has been wanting to talk to me about something but that he was worried because he didn't want me upset and he was embarrassed. It seems, he has decided that it is time to get his little girl friend a necklace.  Yes, this is the same girl since the beginning of the year, and yes, it is the same girl he stole the pear for.  Of course my first reaction was...... heck no you aren't getting her a necklace.... you haven't even done that for mommy.  BUT, I bit my tongue and didn't.  I told him I wasn't sure about that and that we would see what daddy thought.  I also told him that I thought it was nice of him to want to give something like that to her.  

I don't know how I feel about it though..... I don't want to condone this whole girlfriend thing at such a young age, but then again, it isn't really that big of deal.  I just want him to be a kid, he will have tons of the girlfriend thing when he is older.  I am thinking that he can get a few dollars from his piggy bank and get her some little piece of jewelry.  Who knows?  I do think it is a little too early to be doing this stuff in Kindergarten!  I do know one thing..... Brayden is giving me grey hair.  

I took this picture of Bailee tonight.  Whenever I point the camera in her direction, she gives me this goofy smile.  It seems that just recently she has really grown, and that she no longer looks like a baby.  She is an absolute daddy's girl.  She is stuck to him like glue.  One minute she will be in the house wearing her little jewelry and the next minute she is at the barn with daddy in the sheep pens, wearing dirt.  

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Anita said...

Congratulations on Bailee's cardio visit, sounds like good news.
As for young Braden and his girlfriend...lol, I don't have any great advise. I think it's very sweet though.

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