Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An Unexpected Trip

Tonight started out as a wonderful family night.  I hurried home and fixed dinner.  We ate and then headed to the barn to hang out while daddy worked. Afterwards we loaded into the golf cart and headed out into the pasture to throw corn for the deer.  The kids absolutely love doing this and it is so much fun watching them.  

The kids were just about finished throwing their corn.  Brayden had picked up this limb that was about 3 feet long.  He wanted to use it to hit cactus.  We didn't want him to start doing that since we were headed to the house.  Daddy grabbed the stick from him and went to throw it.  This all happened so fast and we aren't quite sure how it happened..... BUT, as dad went to lunge it, it broke in mid air.  Half of this stick flew through the air as intended.  The other half ended up hitting Bailee in the forehead just above her right eye.  All I saw was it hit Bailee and then blood begins pouring out and down her face.  In no time at all.... her face and hair were covered in blood.  Of course at this point, she is screaming her head off.  I panic and join in the screaming.  I thought it had hit her in the eye.  Brayden begins screaming, and I am running in circles, a worthless wreck.  

Daddy on the other hand, stayed absolutely calm.  He pulled out a piece of the stick that was stuck in her, and ripped off his shirt and immediately started applying pressure to stop the bleeding.  I jumped into the golf cart with the others right behind me.  I had calmed down a tad when I realized it wasn't her eye.  Daddy held Bailee tightly while applying pressure and just kept saying how sorry he was.  It broke my heart. 

We knew it probably needed to be looked at.  A huge knot had already begun to form.  Once we got to the house, we loaded into daddy's truck and headed to the ER.  It was packed, but because of the injury, we were able to get right in.  It was rough for our little princess.  They cleaned the wound and were able to get some pieces still inside.  She ended up with 7 stitches. Poor daddy, I feel so bad for him.  He is just sick that it happened.  No matter how much I told him, it was a freak deal and was a total accident, it didn't help him feel any better.  

Needless to say, we have new rules about throwing things around here.  We are so very blessed that it didn't get her in the eye.  The part that stinks is.....  we have to go back next week to have the darn stitches removed.  Daddy is on duty for that appointment.  

Daddy decided that he would stay home with her tomorrow.  Bailee is going to need some medicine for pain and we just want to give her a day of rest at home after tonight's events. When we got home, she was running around the house laughing and having a great time.  She kept babbling in her Bailee talk and would say dada... jibberish... jibberish, and point to her stitches.  She was telling us all about it.  Thank goodness she is back to her old self.  


Melanie Mueller said...

Poor Baby! 7 stitches is a lot for that pretty little head. So glad she is okay!!

Anita said...

Oh Misti, poor baby Bailee......I know your heart was breaking.
Nick had stitches a couple of years ago, on his face, over his eye/in his eyebrow, I was a mess was a freak accident with my girls, and all was fine, but wow, it wigged me out. I highly recommend Mederma for kids once the stitches come out. Nick has no noticeable scar at all..........and use lots of sunscreen when she's going to be out. Hang there, hug your hubby and know it will all be fine.

Shelley said...

Poor thing... I am glad she is getting better.

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