Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our two munchkins!

The kids and I were outside this afternoon. They are both good sports for mommy when I have my camera. Of course, Bailee has a mind of her own. I let her do her thing and just click away. Brayden on the other hand is my little model. He loves posing for the camera. In the first pic, I was actually photographing Bailee and he said, "momma look over here at me". He had this serious look on his face. I shot it and it turned out pretty good.

The last pic is of Brayden chasing Bailee. It captures how well they play together. We are so blessed that our children adore each other as they do. Brayden is so good to his sister. He is now asking about having a little brother. Daddy and I both have informed him that, that is in NO WAY going to happen.


Melanie Mueller said...

Beautiful pictures...beautiful subjects!!!!

Shelley said...

Those pictures are awesome! I can't believe how grown up Bailee looks. I love the bow!

Anita said...

I love that last picture! Bailee is growing up so much! Too cute, both of them.

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