Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today has been wonderful. It started out by us going to church and witnessing our good friends being baptized, husband and wife together. It was a great moment. Then we headed to eat with Mimi and Opi. After eating Justin and the kids went home to nap and I went to Gruene Market days with my mom. It was such a gorgeous perfect day to be outdoors! I found a booth there that had a ton of cute bows. I went overboard on the bows and Bailee now has just about every color you can imagine. I no longer will be searching over the house for one of her three bows! Woo hoo!

On a side note..... I have started my photography blog.... you can see it here. I have have finally figured out the problem I was having uploading pictures. It is here that I will post photos from my sessions and any other pics to share. The name of my new endeavor is Misti Moments, Capturing your moments one photo at a time. Thanks to Aunt Julie for coming up with the name! LOVE IT!

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